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Fruits take their rightful place

Prague documents

Kerry Campaign Seeks Cuban-American Beachhead

Pardoned Exile Trio Back Home (Sept. 2004)

Pastor's Empire Built on Acts of Faith, and Cash

The work of the "doctors of the soul" is recognized

Cuba Socialista articles on Iraq soverignty

Bush on Cuba (highlighted in red)

The Mystery of the Cape (2004)

Vitality of Communications Despite Hurricane Ivan

Some things left out on worker theft in Cuba.

Granma: Speaking with Oliver StoneJ

Grant group youth on P.R. for Cuba

The Soviet Union: The Frustrated Transition

by Ariel Dacal Diaz

SWP: "Bush avoiding course of ultra-right"

Grant group favors political revolution in Cuba

Venezuelan Rum Mogul Reaches out to Poor (11-2004)

U.S. Seeks to Subvert Succession in Cuba (AP) 

Socialist Action on the Iraqi resistance:

Juventud Rebelde "The Found Link"

Wall Street Journal on Cuba's de-dollarization

Rap Music: Is it occupying its rightful place in life?

by Antnion Peneque  Brizuela

Enoelia's Axe (Juventud Rebelde, 2003)

God is with Cuba and with Fidel

Cuban Drug Law adopted January 2003

Socialist Action on the Iraq resistance 10-2004

Socialist Action's position on Cuba

Hugo Chavez defeats recall effort in Venezuela

Socialist Action August 2004

Socialist Action's reprint of Celia Hart's

"Socialism in One Country and the Cuban Revolution"

THE MILITANT on Elian Gonzalez (2000)

Guide to “Report from the Commission for

Assistance to a Free Cuba”

Manuel David Orrio - hostile profile

Wall Street Journal: In From The Cold:

A Communist for Dutch Intelligence

Rural Theater Programs in Cuba

U.S. Law on Dissidents and Foreign Agents

Oswaldo Paya: A Cuban Cry for Justice

Antidotes to Social Exclusion (December 17, 2003)

Oswaldo Payá, the Wall Street Journal,

and the "freedom of the press"

100 years for the young Peter Pan (January 2005)

Cuban Drug Law (2003)

Pope John Paul receives Cuban Ambassador (1-2005) Return of Michael Moore

Sorrow and joys of humor

The Cuban Revolution: Past, Present, Future:

In Defense of Marxism (Ted Grant)

Chavez Charts a Land Route (WSJ, 1-18-2005)

Miami Herald and Financial Times on

Cuba and the Gross Domestic Product

Maria Elena Durazo: Firebrand named head

of L.A. County Federation of Labor (2006)

Ulises Estrada: Allende's Death in Combat

Elian - Miami - 5 Years Later

Overt U.S. funding for Cuban dissidents

Armando Hart on Joseph Stalin (2005)

Armando Hart on Joseph Stalin (2005)

Armando Hart: Inquiry into an epoch (2000)

Fidel on the Baragua Centennial of (1978)

Lisandro Otero: Susan Sontag: The Thinking Machine

MINREX Call to stop torture at Guantanamo


US-Cuban Treaty on Guantanamo (1934)

Why London? Juventud Rebelde, July 2005

Cuba's International Book Fair Program, February 2005

Alzugaray: Democracy and elections in the U.S. (1/2005)

Cuba's Female Rappers: A Natural Force (8-2004)

Richard Gott: The Cuban Republic, 1902–1952

To Hitch-hike is an Art (Tribuna 2-12-2005)

Maria Elena Pacheco: "And Anywhere" (2005)

Arthur Miller or The Hunter of Hunters (2005)

Oh!, la guagua Juventud Rebelde, 2-16-2005

13,000 sign LA Times ad vs. Bush policies

Edmundo Desnoes: Introduction to NOW!

anthology of writings by U.S. Black leaders [1967]

Jimmy Smith obituary, Juventud Rebelde 2005)

Castro's Medical Missionaries Blanket Honduras 

Mike Fuller: "Wanting To Be Cuban" (PL, 2005)

A Ban on Regueton? (Juventud Rebelde 2-13-2005)

Wall Street Journal "Bush's Cuba Picke" (May 2002)

Belén Gopegui: Jabbering in Madrid (Feb. 2005)

Why Did Eastern European Socialism Fall?

TEMAS magazine panel (2004)

Behind the Smoke of a Butt (2005)

Janet Jagan - Thunder in Guanaya

Lost in Translation: WSJ profile of Fred Burks

Facing the severe drought

Lisandro Otero: "The Twilight of Cain"

a tribute to Guillermo Cabrera Infante

Frei Betto explains why he left Lula's government

Paolo Spadoni - Investing in Cuba - indirectly

Adolescence: Living At Risk (JR, 2005)

Latin America's Left Takes Pragmatic Tack (WSJ)

Jorge Drexler

Tourism Resolution #10, 2005

A Less Hidden War: Eva Golinger profile

Lisandro Otero: The Tragedy of Isaac Babel

A Lot To Cook (March 2005)

Shades of Race in Contemporary Cuba

Elian's Dad interviewed by Dan Rather (2000)

Flip Side to Fame in China ((2005)

Cuba revalues the peso UP 7% (3-1802005)

Don Bohning: "The Castro Obsession" (2005)

World Water Day: "Life At Risk" (2005)

Don Bohning: The Castro Obsession (2005)

Homosexuality, Pests and Bad Breath

Orrio: “Ladies in white” and media manipulations (2005)

Castro takes a jab at Schwarzenegger (2003)

Alarcon: Let's Talk About Democracy (2005)

Juventud Rebelde: Dollar Devaluation (March 2005)
Juventud Rebelde: The Language of Love (I)

Terri Schiavo in the Cuban Media (2005)

Max Lesnik: Posada in Miami: A Hot Potato (2004)

Tentacles of the Drought (Granma, 2005)

Menoyo: Cuba: Dangers and Challenges (3-24-2005)

Posada in the limelight again (2005)

Cuban Conference of Bishops Press Note (2005)

Max Castro: Spinning the Pope for political profit (2005)

Betancourt: Bush and the Cuban Transition (2003)

Nudes on the Canvas (2005)

The Frustrated Trumpeters of Jericho (2005)

S.O.S. in the Mount of Venus (2005)

La Hechicera H.K. (Harry Potter's mom)

Michael Lowy: Preface to Nestor Kohan on Che

Frei Betto: The Pope and Liberation Theology (2005)

Solitude: Sensible Conselor

Somos Jovenes por ti (2005)

Lage recognizes Popular Transport Inspectors:

The April Elections will be another Giron

Lisandro Otero on the pope, April 2005

Heartfelt Sorrow over the Pope’s demise

Circles Robinson: Cuba's Secret Elections:

Fondness Transcends All Limits (Kisses Among Men)

Herald editorial opposing asylum for Posada

Frei Betto: The Pope and Liberation Theology (2005)

MINREX on Human Rights (2005)

Santiago Alba: Cuba Lives, Cuba Measures (2005)

EU vote against Guantanamo investigation (April 2005)

Jose Pertierra: The United States of Miami (April 2005)

Lázaro Fariña: John Bolton, the Bush nominee

Jose Pertierra: Unpunished Coyotes (April 2005)

The US, Cuba, Human Rights and the UN

Kirk Nielson: Terrorists, but Our Terrorists

Jim Mullin The Burden of a Violent History (2000)

Posada & Co: Fidel Made Them Do It

WSJ: "The 'Cubanization' of Latin America

Ricardo Alarcon: Welcome home, Bambi

Otto Reich: John Bolton vs. the Moral Cowards

Festival “Kiba Kreyòl 2005” (Creole)

Festival “Kiba Kreyòl 2005” (Creole) -Spanish

Kid Chocolate Went The Distance

Carlos Lazo: Trusted in Iraq, Barred From Cuba

Venezuela seeks Posadas' extradition - 5-6-2005

Audioslave live at the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal

The Anti-imperialism of Antionio Gutieras

WSJ: Overcoming Castro's "Culture of Fear"

Mothers Day Flower Fair 2005

Fidel Castro: 1959 Plan for Advancement of Latin America

Jose Pertierra: Posada - Obvious Checkmate

Cuban Exile Could Test US Definition of Terrorist (NYT)

Michael Jackson accuses

record companies of racist conspiracy

Fabian Escalante on Posada and Operation 40

A Lady Cop (Granma June 20, 2005)

Google and the Twin Empires, JR, June 2005)

Revolution and anti-imperialism in Antonio Guiteras

Juventud Rebelde: Promoters on equal terms (2005)

Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Introduction to the Cuban edition.


Inside the Octopus: The Barry Seal Story

(High Times, May 6, 2002)

Ricardo Alarcon: Mella in his Rainbow, June 2005

Nepal and the absent Calm (Granma June 2005)

Elian: The Birth of an Eternal Battle (JR, June 2005)

Elian: The First Battle (Granma June 2005)

China's Evolution: Favorable to 3rd World? (May 2005)

Oprah: The Exception and the rule (JR June 25, 2005)

Gabriel Molina: The Sugar Sultans and Bribery (2000)

Cuba's Economic Dynamism (La Jornada June 5, 2005)

Alcohol versus Life (translated June 2005)

Electoral Processes and Political Elites

by Domingo Amuchastegui (April 2005)

Posada and Sami Al-Arian, A Tale of Two Suspects (June 2005)

Promotors of the Beautiful (JR, June 17, 2005)

BBC report on Elian struggle (April 2000)

WSJ: Parking Meters Get Smarter (2005)

Better Salaries & Pensions with a revalued currency

(Granma Daily, July 1, 2005)

Max Lesnik: And where is your family (July 2005)

Myanmar [Burma] A greater prey in its sights

Juventud Rebelde, July 2, 2005)

Hundreds of Cubans protest travel limits Granma, June 2004)

Religion and Human Values in Cuba Today by Margaret Nell Johnston June 2005

Joint Ventures in Cuban oil and mining (June 2005)

Emir Sader: Brazil: The Bear Hug of Cardoso (May 2005)

Emile Schepers: Friendship and Trade with Cuba (June 2005)

Lisandro Otero: Bush and Homophobia (La Jiribilla 2003)

Emir Sader: Cardosos's Bear Hug (May 2005)

"El Bobo" ("The Dimwit") JR July 10, 2005

Most Venezuelans Prefer Socialism (July 2005)

BBC Spanish on Cuban Five (English, July 2005) 

Anne Frank: To Live Forever (July 2005)

Socialism and the Hurricane (July 2005)

AIDS: Cuban Summer Campaign (July 2005)

Albor Ruiz: Gift for Cuba is American Way (July 2005)

Mariel: Cuba's position (scanned pamphlet)

The Voyage of four kilos of cocaine in Holguin

(Juventud Rebelde June 8, 2005)

Granma: Pottermania is Back (June 24, 2005)

Elian Gonzalez: We are the future of the Revolution

Grant and Woods: Third World in Crisis (1998)

Alan Woods: Executions and repression (2003)

The Cuban Revolution at the Crossroads (2002)

by David Rey (Grant tendency)

Jorge Martin: Cuba 40 years on (1998)

(Grant tendency)

At Elian's graduation in Cardenas, JR reports:

Our struggles will not be blacked out

Joel del Rio reviews "Viva Cuba" in JR (2005)

Celia Hart - Intimate Song II (re: July 26th, 2005)

Roland Sheppard: Cuba and the Environment (2005)

Kevin Benderman: US military resister (2005)

Moderate opposition rejects US Cuba transition coordinator (2005)

Miami exile talk radio: militants of hate (JR, 7-2005)

WSJ/O'Grady: Blame U.S. Drug Policy for Bolivian Uprising (2005)

Circles Robinson: Cuba - Halliburton's Hallucinations (2005)

The Goblin:(Radio Miami on Jim DeFede's firing)

Advisor Caleb: Another servant against Cuba (2005)

Richard Levins: "Progressive Cuba-Bashing (2005)

Sgt. Carlos Lazo "The cruelty of a policy" (El Nuevo Herald)

Cuba says goodbye to Ibrahim Ferrer (2005)

Love and Sports (new Cuban novela, 2005)

Emmett Till lynching: Rumor of a Key Witness (2005)

Daniel Chavarria: Granma and other articles:

China and the world economy (Economist 2005)

Sports and Love (Juventud Rebelde another look)

RHC interview with Paul McKenna (8-2005)

The First Cuban CP: It's Banner Was Never Lowered

by Jose Canton Navarro (Bohemia 2005)

First Cuban report on Cindy Sheehan:

"Theresa Bond" Cooking Fidel (WSJ, May 13, 2005)

Alarcon: A Long March Towards Justice:

The Cuban "Nijinsky" seeks asylum and stardom (2005)

Cindy Sheehan: a nice photo

Ben Wisner: Hurricane Katrina: Winds of Change? (2005)

Ben Wisner: Hurricane Michelle (2001)

MEDICC to US: Accept Cuba's hurricane offer (2005)

Male Prostitution: The Other Sex Market (2005)

Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and the Iraq War (2005)

Martí in New Orleans

Mel Martinez on accepting Cuba's offer (Spanish)

Henry Reeve Unites the peoples of the US and Cuba (2005)

The Life & Death of a Dissident: Pier Paolo Pasolini

A Korean Midsummer Night (2005)

Abortion: The Couple's Decision (Granma,  2000)

CALLEJERO (Cancion de Moneda Dura)

Vanilla and chocolate… so what? (2005)

Ricardo Potts: Malecon Images October 2005

Marilyn Monroe, again in the forefront (2005)

Raul Roa: Rescue and Projection of Marti (1937)

Trabajadores on Housing problems (2005)

Mella: Notes about the thoughts of José Martí

Party Links to the Masses

Silvio Rodriguez: Whisperings in the long road

Robert F. Williams: Negroes With Guns

THABA Continues its market success (2005)

Physics in Cuba

Feminine Instince Inside of Cuban Rap Music

Norma Guillard: Gender, Identity, Sexuality,

and Social Communication in Hip-Hop

Las Krudas: Cubensi (Cuban hip-hop)

Otero: Garbo the Divine (11/ 2005)

Otero: Truman Capote at the movies (11-1005)

France: On deaf politicians and burning cars

November 2005)

Slenderness is in fashion (2005)

Bogart, Rick and Michael Moore (2005)

Truman Capote and his betrayals (2005)

Fidel receives Catholic Church reps (11/ 2005)

Nepal: Hell in an earthly paradise (11/ 2005)

Menstruation: Offensive against "bad days" (11/ 2005)

Pakistan: Cuban Doctors at the Shahina Jamil

(Nov. 2005)

David Rieff: Che's Second Coming

NYT profile of Evo Morales (Nov. 2005)

Stop The Violence Against Women (11/2005)

Trabajadores advises a female reader who asks

if a guy who doesn't express interest in her might

be a homosexual? (November 2005)

Tim Wohlforth: I Visit Cuba (in 1983)

Santiago Alvarez detained in Miami (11/2005)

Is Catalonia a Nation? (JR, November 2005)

International Drug Traffickers Convicted (11/2005)

Pakistan: If Cuba has helped, Everybody Can (2005)  

David Puttnam: Hollywood is the Mecca of

cynical cinema (November 2005)

Juan Padrón: Behind Elpidio’s back (2003)

If Malcolm X Were Still Alive... (Sept. 2004)

Chalmers Johnson - moving to the left

Desagüe Street’s drainage (November 2005)

Decree on electricity prices (November 2005)

Sartre: Speaheading thoughts about revolution (2005)

Holguin Communists: Revolution Irreversible (11/2005)

Mauretania: The Mark of Shady Interests (2005)

Walter Lippmann: U.S. Fears China's Expanding Role (2005)

Tariq Ali: My compatriots have learned a new

word for love: CUBA (November 2005)

Ernest Harsch: Toward Azania (1980)

Paraguay trafficking in women (2005)

Disabilities: another victory toward a fruitful life

Chavez's Rivals Are Withdrawing From Elections

Tariq Ali: Terrorism entered Iraq with the occupation:

Lisandro Otero: Speaking Spanglish?

Adoption: (legal questions) Dec. 2005

Bank Pres. Soberon: We are on the right track.

David Cole: Torture Makes Justice Impossible

Pakistan: Unique Stories from Attar Shisha

Tariq Ali in Havana: Terrorism Came to Iraq

with the occupation

"Mom! I'm a Lesbian! (SEM)

Cristal: The Price of Identifying as a Woman

Sexual Harassment

Jim DeFede: Terror is terror, London or Cuba

France-US: Set Apart Over the Middle East

Party finishes important assessment process

Islamabad, beauty and contrasts (11-2005)

The Revolution Can Be Saved (12-06-2005)

Relatives of Alvarez and Mitat call for trial to

be held in Miami (El Nuevo Herald, 12-2005)

Salvador Bueno: Raúl Roa’s Orbit (2004)

The family will continue for a good while (12-2005)

Pakistan: Up in the Mountains, Men Stand Tall

"The Militant" and Cuba (per Joe Hansen 1978)

And Europe Went to War (November 2005)

Santiago Alvarez: A Mass in Support of Arrested Exiles

Pakistan: Jared, Near the Sky (December 2005)

Elpidio Valdes and much more (December 2005)

Recently Graduated Cuban Doctors Making

an Immediate Impact in Pakistan (12-2005)

DR Congo's rebel-turned-brain surgeon

Doctor Freddy Ilongo, Che's Congo translator

Germany Turks and Muslims

Suicidal Conduct

Humberto Solas's BARRIO CUBA (12-2005)

Cubanas en Attar Shisha

Pakistan: Voyage toward Gahri Habibullah

BBC Maplethorpe tests Cuban tolerance

Mapplethorpe in Cuba (December 2005)

Infidelity, Party One: Laberinto para tres

Danielle Mitterrand profile

Victor Hugo Robles: El Che de los Gays

Crimes against the human condition

Spielberg's Terminal Man, A Cuban View

Secrets of the body

Juventud Rebelde on Infidelity

Punto Cu on Acknowledgements

Soberon: Socialism not a chance option (12-2005)

Petras: Tyranny of Isreal over America

Welcome to!

Lo sorprendente para los cubanos en Paquistán

Mapplethorpe, Classical and Irreverent

Cuban parliament studies transsexual recognition

Wendy: to live in a wrong body

WSJ profile of CCR's Tina Monshipour Foster

Bohemia on superstition (12-2005)

WSJ on Peru: Ollanta Humala (1-16-2006)

Transsexuality: For Dressing Like A Man

Heinz Dietrich: after Fidel

Jesus Arboleya: responds to Heinz Dietrich

Soberon: Socialism not a chance option (12-2005)

WSJ-O'Grady - Axis of Evo (Jan 2006)

Thomas Riggins: Marx Goes To Church (2005)

Perez Roque at ANPP - December 23, 2005

Abel Prieto: La anticipación de un mundo mejor


Dr. Stanley Biber, 82;

World Renowned Sex-Change Surgeon

Michel Warschawski: On The Border quote

Nuclear Power on the Table (Granma, 2006)

Nuclear Power on the Table (Granma, 2006)

Homosexuality in Men and Women

Peter Camejo: North Star documents 1984

Motorcycle Helmets: Without Protection?

Don't Even Think About It (Alma Mater 2006)

NYT: Nicholas Kristof: Health Care? Ask Cuba (2005)


Cuban doctors in Pakistan: Love in Mansehra (2006)

World AIDS Day photo exhibit 12-1-2006

My Love, Suppose I Go Far Away (2006)

Chinese ancestry, Cuban blood (2006)

Some U.S. funding for Cuban "dissidents: 2005

Drug AdQ€ction: Dark Side of the Coin (2006)

Iran: It's not Alexander's time in Persia (2006)

Grenada: Ambassadors of Telecommunications

Albert Einstein: The Man in the White Suit

Iranian Parliament Speaker interview (2006)

Wikipedia: Gagging the encyclopedia?

Putting an end to lawlessness [in agriculture] 2006

Sexo Sentido: La culpa la tiene ¿usted?

Negligence, xenophobia or terrorism (2006)

Alternative Fixed Telephone System to step

up communication expansion

Over a Million Pakistanis Attended by Cuban Doctors

National Currency

Belling the market (Market reform, 2006)

No tan oculta, y sí ineludible (2006)

Sergio Ramirez: In A Woman's Hands

(re: Chilean President-elect Michelle Bachelet)

Confucius: Master of Generations (2004)

Tras las huellas de Mahoma

Rural electrificacion rural in Cuba (2006) 

The end of a story of obesity (2006)

Sexuality and Drugs (Bohemia, 2004)

Rachel Corrie: One year after her murder

The Beautiful Face of the United States

Palestinian Ambassador on Rachel Corrie

Jose Miller Fredman (1925-2006)

Olof Palme: 20 Years after the Crime 

José Miller Fredman - Granma obituary

Cubans Excluded from LASA (2006)

Languages, the Internet and power (2006)

What’s wrong with love? (2006)

Armando Hart: The Fangio Kidnapping (2006)

Telenovela Calle Resurrección 

To Park or Not to Park? (2006)

Fruits of the Battle of Ideas (2006)

RED LIGHT: El bombillo rojo de lo urgente

Guatemala: Cuban doctors bring relief,

but controversy mars work (2006)


John Perkins reveals: CIA murdered

Panamanian Pres. Omar Torrijos

Betancourt: Hollywood Fires (2006)

Brokeback Mountain (Cenesex 2006)

Armando Hart: XXI Century Socialism (Sp)

El reverso de la moneda 

Hamas at a crossroads

Business Guide to Cuba # 11, February 2006

Following Mohammed's Tracks  (2006)

Estados Unidos a la caza de hidrocarburos

Alarcón berates US in rafters case (2006)

Brothers Wage War on Uncle Fidel (2006)

Hollywood, the unknown factor (2006) 

Las mujeres decimos No a la guerra

Granma: Cuban Women March 8, 2006

Pakistan: a few words about Dirkot

Women Say No To War (2006)

Wayne Smith on Radio Havana Cuba (2006) 

Pakistan: Partners in Joy (2006)

Hillson: Against "Theories of Homosexuality"

El bombillo rojo de lo urgente

Posada Carriles: Terrorista y farsante

La Mujer de Sopapo

Faure Chomon on March 13, 1957 (2006)

Martí y el Tío Ho

Walterio Carbonell: Redress and Tribute

Charles McKelvey: Look to the South

Staying in Shape during the Third Age

The Shame of Gore Vidal (2006) 

Salt, Xenophobia and anti-Muslim cartoons

Humberto Caspa: Penetentiaries in Los Angeles

Soap Opera Junkies (2006)

Maceo's Rejection of U.S. Domination

U.S. National Security Strategy (2006) l

Adultery: The risk of a "slip" (2006) 

X Simposio de Pensamiento Iberoamericano

Black Poetry in the Americas

Identidades: huella y reivindicación

En los mercados agropecuarios

se viola el pago de los impuestos

Crimes against the human condition

Unlikely paradises (about the current Cuban soap opera)

Japón ganó el Clásico 

Bjarkman on WBC: Only Star Remaining

Sex, guilt and the spirit

Mohammed and the freedom of the press


Argentina will not vote against Cuba

Alberto N.Jones on WBC and history 

ETA: A farewell to arms? (March 23, 2006)

Unseen Faces

MINREX on Colombia (2005)

Rosa M. War of the Worlds - Internet

Los cubanos tenemos una inteligencia

especial para dominar la Computación

Padre y profesor: un sentido de vida 

U.S. National Security is World Insecurity

The Red Light of urgency

No tan oculta, y sí ineludible

Un rayo de luz

Pio Leyva

Latinos demands just immigration reform 

France: Reasons for a Revolt (3-25-2006)

Mystery in the Hague (Milosovec)

¡¿COCOTAXI?!                 (2006)

Perla que no brilla

The Chinese in Cuba (2006)

Johnson resurgirá como el Ave Fénix 

Barbara Kingsolver Hopes to visit Cuba

The Little Red Riding Hood Syndrome

Cuban aid to Bolivia (MH)

Jan Myrdal interview (2006)

MINREX: Cuba and Human Rights (2006)

And After the Mega-March? (03-26-2006)

Farrakhan opposes U.S. blockade (2006)

Stealing from the elderly (2006) 

Moussaoui: ¿el único culpable? (3-2006)

Lisandro Otero on Milosovec (2006)

Yipsi: everyone has a bad day (2006)

Lisandro Otero: El Oscar y la homofobia 

The Little Red Riding Hood Syndrome

Los millonarios chinos

Mahoma y la libertad de prensa

La guerra cultural de Occidente contra el Islam

Wings of Wax (Sexuality and Drugs)

Un "homenaje" indignante (2006) 

Piratas del siglo XXI   (2006)

Corona para una gran pantalla (2006)

Un cine joven sin recetas (2006)

Water, people's big problem (2006)

Ciclones temporales:¿Otra temporada de insomnio?

Cuban Health Care System (2006) 

Immigration debate misses big exception

Venezuelan embassy on Posada (3-2006)

USIS and Cuban Journalists (2006)

Ten Best Films Shown in Cuba in 2006

Beware! Bicycles on the road! 

Las sucias manos de los federales

Foreign Born in Florida (2006)

Chomsky on Cuba (1994)

Lisandro Otero on Chinese Millionaires (2006)

MH report on Posada as "threat" (3-2006)

Better Late Than Never (April 2006)

Father and teacher: A Purpose in Life (2006)

Unidos por las buenas ideas

“Hidden” electricity consumption (12-2005)

Beware! Bicycles on the road (2006) 

Hurricanes: One more sleepless season?

Much Fight Left in MLK, Jr. (2-2-2006)

Mike Fuller: Cuban Youth Comes of Age:

La libertad de Internet según Bush

Las últimas horas en Dirkot

Northern Ireland: Who killed the spy? 

Max Lesnik: But where are the Cubans?

Erisman: Neo-Bolivarianism: Cuba

and Venezuela

Shahzia Bibi: A Sad Nine-Year Old Mother

Shirin Neshat: entre dos mundos (JR 2006)

Los Absurdos Miamemenses 

Ambrosio Fornet: The Diaspora as a theme

Dialogue for one sex without peace

Pakistan: thousands of readers

La cubanización de América

Eduardo Galeano: The Devil's devils

Sexuality, a privileged space 

Not so hidden and yes unavoidable

Joint U.S.-Cuban Photo Exhibition (2006)

The "Look" - Where does it belong? (2006)

¿La mirada? Donde corresponde 

Raúl Corrales: Cuba en un lente

Alarcon interview on Rebelion (April 2006)

Alpha 66 boasts of meeting GW Bush.

Gun Cache Probe Takes Anti-Castro Turn

Alpha 66 "Our History"

Upland Home Hid Cache of Guns (2006) 

Cuba, hero of our own struggle

Cultura frente a frivolidad

Aurora Basnuevo: ¿El cine? ¡Me encanta!

Expanding Nickel and Cobalt Production

Operation Fangio (2006) 

Barrio Cuba

Pakistan: In the shadow of the dying year

Do you suffer menstrual pain (2006)

Recognize fibromyalgia (2006)

J. Kerry: Losing Afghanistan (WSJ) 9-2006

Oh! Miami! and Barbra Streisand (2006)

Houtart: Is there a left in Nicaragua (20-2006)

Marta Rojas on Santiago Alvarez (2006)

El Callejero (The Gadder) 

Moneda Dura: "Yo no quiero su dinero"

Alfredo Guevara on Santiago Alvarez (2006)

Four Months with Energetic Autonomy (2006)

Cuban Internet in Rumsfeld's Plans (2006)

Orishas: Europe isn't a box of candy (2003)

Metamorphosis of Cuban Family (2006) 

Vietnam: The Tiger's Leap (2006)

Pakistan: 23,000 children get rehab

Cubadisco, rivalidades anticipadas (2006)

Decline of CAN or integration impulse? 

Mapplethorpe in Havana (2006)

Consequences of decontrol (2006)

Belén Gopegui - Cuba and Writers

Alcoholism: incurable but avoidable

Santiago Alba: The Misery of Abundance

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: La Saplona (2006) 

Mind/Body and sickness

Japanese pop stars in Cuba (2005)

R.P. Betancourt: Technology and Sex (2006)

GRANMA: Un día sin inmigrantes 

Pentagon Steps Up Neighborhood Spying

Para aproximar el surco a la tarima

Pastorita Núñez, sus recuerdos

Vivir el riesgo

Philippine view on Haiti: Cuba to the rescue

Good things or bad, but let them say something 

Immigrants rights: "Bring me your poor..."

U.S. Racist Violence Against Immigrants

Cantores cubanos en Islamabad

Marti: Memories of a Reporter in Chicago 

Evidencias de un relieve incómodo

Joel del Río • La Habana

Cuatro apostillas sobre la telenovela cubana de turno

Entre la pelota, el sexo y la tele






Nuestro objetivo no ha sido escandalizar

Interview with Rafael (Cheito) Gonzalez

La cara oculta de… Yassel 

Un rostro revelado

Bolivian Hydrocarbons nationalization law (2006)

Alarcon: Marx and the 21th Century Spanish

Andres Soliz Rada interview (Bolivia)

Nature proposes, Man Disposes (2006) 

Tom Miller: Immigrants want to be treated

like Cubans when they get to the U.S.

BBC: Controversial gay soap opera grips Cuba

Alarcon: More $ against Cuban democracy

What does the United States owe Mexico? 

What does the world owe Chinese science?

Granma critiques Vanessa Arrington

Internet in Cuba, Year Ten (2006)

Limits to Realilty (September 2005)

Cracks in the System (May 7, 2006)

What are you waiting for, Tony?


Traffic violations

Voltaire: Los buitres están deprimidos

Andres Gomez: Vampire drives stake 

SuperBush to the rescue (May 11, 2006)

Jared Diamond (2006)

Much fight still left in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

UJE+OPJM Homage to Cuban mothers 

A fairy named Haydee

WSJ on Oswaldo Paya

Belly without seed

To be gay in Cuba (1980)

El mejor regalo

Mamá ¿te quiero?

Bob Marley

Spanish revolution and Cuban ideology

Les Evans: Ten Million Tons (1970)

Tim Wohlforth: Trotskyism in Cuba (2000) 

The Visible Side of the Moon (2006)

Internet for All: A Chimera (2006)

Jack Barnes on Cuba (1979)

Rosa Brooks: One More Job for Immigrants. 

Bob Marley: How to save lives with songs

Joel del Rio: Evidencias de un relieve incómodo

Dr. Eduardo Bernabe Memory of Mazorra

Gender gaps (2006)

Steve Cagan: Intro to Contact Sheet

WIL: Programme of the Int'l (1970) - Grant-Woods

Valladares - 1982 - wheelchair


Leonardo Padura on Hemingway

From Pakistan: When a fiend is leaving.

John F. Davis visits Cuba (1984)

Young people all over the world

protest against ideals of capitalism

Status of gays in Cuba: Myths and realities

(by Larry Oberg - French)

Lactar es amar (To nurse is to love) 

La Cara Oculta - long discussion

Joel del Rio: Evidencias de un relieve incómodo

Lisandro Otero: An episode in Siquieros's life

Bohemia on Video de familia (2002)

Del adulterio, del matrimonio y otros delitos

Inconsecuencias de Nuestros Moralistas

Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring

La visita de los muertos a la ciudad de los vivos

Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring

Vicente Rodríguez Bonachea Otro Discipulo de color

Gobierno y rebeldes formarán nuevo Ejecutivo en Nepal

Restauran Parlamento y cesa huelga general en Nepal

Moneda Dura

Spain: is immigration illegal (2006)

Art and Love vs. AIDS, Pt. 1

Yevtushenko interview 2006 La Jiribilla

Joel del Rio - NYC 2002 - La Jiribilla

Intro to Cuban edition of Zinn's People's History 

Women and housing in Cuba (2000)

Ridenour vs. Malerich dialogue

Stanley Kunitz profile (June 2006)

Washington Post on Cuban Five (June 2006)

The Graduate

Multinational resistance in Afghanistan

The Same voice in Palestine

Zapatero and the ETA

Internet's economic use (2006)

Banned Software

200 year old manuscript on slavery

Cuba opening internet's doors

Panda proof against spoofing

First oral novel published on the internet

ICAIC posters - from CubaCine website

Cornucopia pamphlet 1961 

Chilean student leader interview (June 2006)

Homosexualidad en Cuba: el debate sale a la palestra

Tom Hayden: JR profile June 11, 2006

Sugar: The hour of ethanol (June 2006)

To Respect Sexual Diversity (JR, June 2006) 

Cinemateca de Cuba

Gulllermo Farinas hunger strike (2006)

Environment and recycling for wood pulp

Pertierra's annotations on CAFC report

Tolerance and the Intolerable (2006)

Woods Prologue to Rusia 

Movies of the "Red Peril"? El cine del "peligro rojo"?

Bleitrach: What's happening in Cuba?

Stephen Vizinczey

Two Actresses: Angelina Jolie and Cher 

Russia battling for effective leadership (2006)

George Borjas and the Immigration Equation (2006)

Orlando Bosquete: Cleared, but still behind bars (2006)

from: "Muchacha': "We are feminists" (2006)

Phallic World (Juventud Rebelde 2006)

Cuba in European Brecht Homage (2006) 

Order and discipline guarantee efficiency (2006)

Australia: The morals that never were (2006)

Thanksgiving: Turkeys and Iraqis (2006)

US virtual internet siege against Cuba (2006) 

JR on School of the Americas protest 2006

Mujeres note on Penelope Cruz (2006)

S.A. Shift to left in LatAm Elections Nov. 2006

Nancy Morejon: I'm a creature of the CR 

Gay Cinema cycle opens in Cuba (11-2006) 

The drop of water on the rock (2006)

Seven pieces of advice for young drivers (2006)

Breitman on Malcolm  X and Black Nationalism

Jon Hillson on Wayne Smith's calle to removee

Cuba from the US "terrorism list" (2001)

Del lado de lo que creo

Stephen Vizinczey (Caiman Barbudo)

Pages from Mauricio's Diary (2006)

I'm Homosexual...So What? Somos Jovenes 2006 

Cuban Baptist leader Granma interview

Sin salir del hueco trámites de la población

Qué final entre corruptos y xenófobos!

El Diario: US talks of Cuba, but...(2006) 

Islamic Fundamentalism (Temas 2005)

El Regreso de superman

There’s something "Stinky" in Cuba

Auto-Eroticism (Female Masturbation) 2006

A Revealed Face (more on La Cara Oculta)

Gay Cubans going to Canadian olympics (2006)

New Juventud Rebelde website (7-15-2006)

Nestor Gorojowsky on Anti-Semitism and

Israel's July 2006 attack on Lebanon

Brazil, ethanol (Bohemia, 2006)

cese de convivencia

Eden on the Roof (Bohemia, 2006)

Playboy on the stage (2004)

Cuban Ecumenism (Bohemia 2006)

Lebanese Hezbollah: its origin and nature (2006) 

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (2006) 

Backpack Clubs for Hungry Kids (WSJ)

¿Cómo trata Cuba el homosexualismo?

Evo Morales: WSJ profile (May 25, 2006)

Eviction Notices (Granma, July 18, 2006)

WSJ: Governing Bolivia The Aymara Way (07-2006)

WSJ: Chavez' Agenda Takes Shape (12-2005)

WSJ on Hezbollah and Mideast Democracy 

Reason and Revolt: Intro to Cuban edition

Hollywood y las drogas

Melba arropada por millones (2006)

Sexo Sentido: "G-spot" in men, too

JR on Melba Hernandez in Spanish

Aporte de porcicultores

Las brujas de la noche

Ciertas voces israelíes 

Hollywood y las drogas 

Cara a cara con Angel Augier

Martí y las elecciones en Estados Unidos

Respeto a la diferencia

Mitos y realidades sobre la marijuana

WSJ: US Weighs Cuba immigration changes

Money Changing: A Well-Guarded Secret

Satellite Signal Piracy (Granma 08-09-2006)

Ann Sparanese - Eleven books on Cuba

Havami: the impossible city (8-10-2006)

Drivers Licenses (JR 8-11-2006) 

NYT edit: 90 Miles and Light Years 08-10-2006 

WSJ: New U.S. Policy Roils Aid to Cuba

US attacks Cuba's medical aid programs

WSJ Rice pushes envoys to hardship posts

Ernesto Cardenal: Biographical Sketch of FC

Fidel: Aquiles Communista

Ethanol: An Alternative Energy Source (2005)

San Francisco: Happy Birthday, Fidel

Getting Over Shyness 

WSJ: Bush seeks ăïe on Cuban migration 

Frei Betto: Encounters with Fidel (2006)

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: Terror in the airports

WSJ - Black Gold: S.African coal

Colombine un tiroteo sin importancia

o la «lógica de matar»

Orlando Bosch interview (August 2006)


WSJ on Fidel Castro Impersonators scrambling 

Alexandre Trudeau: Last days of Patriarch 

Night Witches (soviet women pilots)

Garcia Lorca in his Cuban period (2006)

WSJ - Fidel Loses His Grip on Cuban Rum

Max Lesnik: Alma Mater interview (2006)

Armengol: Annexationism in Miami

Fidel and Cuba are inseperable

Havami: An Unthinkable City 

Challenge in the mountains with wood 

Quintín Bandera and Cuban Independence

Fidel: Women and Revolution: Palabras compartidas

WSJ: Bacardi's Cuban Rumble

L.A. Times on Cuban Five (8-19-2006)

Christian Science Monitor hitch-hiking in Cuba

bolivia: andres soliz rada

Bolivia gas ducts Andrés Soliz Rada

Saul Landau: U.S. Media Images of Cuba 

Melba Hernandez 

Dengue mosquito struggle

message to shannon, maher, krasniewski

first time sex

WSJ Chasing Chavez: The Other Havana

Peter Pan Syndrome (8-26-2006)

Antidote to fear (JR-8-26-2006)

Soraya Castro - U.S. policy: punishment


Martin Scorsese -  Bob  Dylan 

Farrakhan letter to Fidel (Prensa Latina)

MH: Forecasters grateful to Cuba

Alarcon defends support for Cuban Five

Mothers won't give up fight for Cuban Five

Maceo and Che (Somos Jovenes)

The cost of being a dad (Somos Jovenes)

Carlos Lazo: Against annexation (letter)

Brides of all seasons (Somos Jovenes) 

Teheran doesn't accept impositions 

Hollywood Desganada

Most of $80M in aid for democracy in Cuba

will stay in U.S.

Vejez sin desafios

Economic Consciousness in Socialism

Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba:

Reports of 2004 and 2006 compared

Sexo Sentido: Remover Cenizas? 

WSJ: a Cuban Guru's Tip 

Walter Lippmann intro to the above 

WSJ: Office Max Thwarts Family's Attempts

WSJ: Not Everyone at Guantanamo is a


Mariela Castro: I am proud of my dad (BBC)

Bustelo on Marxism, Religion and Cuba (2006)

Joaquin Bustelo on "Raul is gay" rumors (2006)

Homeland Security on Cuban doctors

Anyone watching anti-Castro TV? NYT 2006)

Armengol: Cause and Truth (El Nuevo) 

Lumberjacks (Granma, August 22, 2006) 

Juana from Sancti Spiritus (Sept. 2006)

Sexo Sentido on breaking up cenizas

Domingo Amuchastegui on Raul August 2006

JR: la gran estafa

Aloyma Ravelo - Intimidades: Adolescence

and Sexuality (2005) - three excerpts

Rosa Miriam Elizalde on the Amish Girls

Multi-national resistance in Afghanistan

Trees needed for paper recycling

Juana Carrasco Martin on Mark Foley 

JR question on homosexuality

N. Ireland Excuses Running Out (October 2006)

Cositore: Cuba and Permanent Revolution

Fighting Dengue in the cemetary (2006)

Elián abrió una ventanita

Ramonet: cien horas humanidadn

US to exceed 300 million (10-2006) 

US to exceed 300 million (10-2006)

Ramonet: True humanism of FC (2006) 

Paul LeDuc: The Collector 

Condoms not only way to stop HIV-AIDS

Rosa Miriam Elizalde: Empires (2006)

Simone Signoret: Requiem for Nostalgia (2006)

Pertierra interview by Pionera on Elian (2006)

10 Commandments of Good Listening (2006

Reconciliation in Beijing (Oct. 2006)

FEU student body debates (Oct. 2006)

Flown Out The Window (2006)

JR on NY SWP Atty General campaign 2006 

E. Cardenal: Vatican in bed w. CIA (2006) 

Parents-in-law: Bone of contention? (2006)

E. Cardenal: Don't vote for false Sandinismo

Pastor Valle-Garay on Nica elections

Hidden Face of the Moon (Granma 2006)

Bloggers open windows to the world (2006)

Nicaragua's most-watched elections (2006) 

Irresponsible conduct threatens fertility

WSJ - Guns and Butter (2006)

U.S. Army Internet Offensive (JR 2006)

A fleeting swallow in Northern Ireland

Armengol: Washington's "mules" 2006

Angel Guerra: Revolution in the U.S?

Lisandro Otero: Bush's Electoral Catastrophe

Amuchastegui: Miami Oracles (11-2006) 

Alarcon in La Jornada: Bolsheviks+ (11-2006) 

Alarcon: End deception, last frontier (11-2006) 

Ralph Fiennes to visit Havana (2006)

Christian Democrats win Dutch elections (2006)

Armengol: The Truth about Varela (11-2006)

Varela a "good man" says his friends.

Tense hours at the Herald

Pastor Valle-Garay: Danielismo in Nicaragua

Cuban Rock Climbers Irk Castro Regime (WSJ)

Two gameboys for Gabriel (El Nuevo 11-2006) 

Young Cubans in world anti-AIDS campaign 

WSJ: Populism Loses Its Appeal in Lat. Am.

Borge: Fidel Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Pastor Valle-Garay on Pinochet's death

Masculine Vigor: The Dangerous Power

Anti-Americans on the March (WSJ 12-2006)

Cuban believers tribute to Santa Barbara

Rolando P. Betancourt: Doria, Eros and the Faun

Northern Irish face terrorism charges

An Poblacht interview Cuban Amb. Nov. 2006 

R.P.Betancourt: The Queen, etc. Dec. 2006

NYT profile of Francisco Aruca Dec. 2006

Armando Armengol: Homosexual Encounter

WSJ: Hemingways's Ties to a Havana Bar

German film critic at Havana Fest (12-2006) 

Guadarrama: Thinking with your own head 

Ireland: Crabs in Stormont

Jesus Menendez (Granma 12-15-2006)

Northern Ireland Peace Process Irreversable

Stephen Frears' THE QUEEN at film festival

NYT on Cuban Hip-Hop December 15, 2006 

Shakira, the Grammy and undocumented Latinos

Electricity Theft  (December 2006)

World campaign against Gender violence

A. Coro: Cheapest Portable Computer in World

Squandered Money (Nov. 16, 2006 

Gore Vidal: Language is our community

Labor discipline without extremism or paternalism

R.P. Betancourt: Diegues,Tata and Subiela

Gore Vidal: Estirpa de Lincoln y Emerson

How many U.S. Interventions in Cuba? 

Procrastination: Why Wait? (12-2006) 

The Mistaken Caesar

Pope: War on Terrorism has limits (2006)

Hilda Solis: Time to talk to Cuba (12-2006)

From Beijing to Havana in search of a dream

Lovers who kill (Juventud Rebelde 2006) 

Education Minister's report - 12-2006

Raul wants more rigor, transparency 12-2006 

Anti-Americans on the March (WSJ 12-9-2006)

Words are good (2006)

Leonardo Boff: Santa Claus or Baby Jesus?

HIV-AIDS: A Doctor's Declarations (2006)

Georgina Barreira: Budget to ANPP (2006) 

Oswaldo Martinez to ANPP on econ issues (2006) 

Zaida del Rio: I am a free Spirit (2006)

Bloody Pasquas (Granma 2006)

Nepal: Troubled Waters (12-27-2003

Ponce on press policy (12-28-2006)  

Chile, Bachelet, Political Corruption (11-2006)

Rolando Masferrer 1975



R.P. Betancourt: Box Office and Pirates (1-3-2007)

Escasea el dinero limpio en Miami

Sexo Sentido: Time For Love (2006)

Youths Vision of the Year 2020 (JR, 12-2006)

Fernando Remirez: There will be no transition 

Acabo del piropo (2007) 

Del colapso del revolucion energetic (2007)

The three wise men return to Cuba (2007)

Cuban economists envision role for markets

in post-Castro era WSJ 1-10-2007

R.P. BetancourtThe Predictions of Orwell

Venezuelan Energy Revolution (2007) 

Reach Out to Cuba's People (WSJ 1-2007)

De reguetones y camajanes misóginos

"Dr. King's Error" NYT editorial  4-4-1967 


Orlando Bosch on Posada (El Nuevo 1-19-2007)

The international community can not abandon Haiti

Aurelio Alonso: Remembering Kiva Maidanik

Narciso Isa Conde on Kiva Maidanik

Nestor Kohan on Kiva Maidanik

FMLN on Kiva Maidanik (12-23-2006)

ELISA isn't only a woman's name (SS 1-2007) 

La Jornada: Ghost of Censorship (1-19-2007)

Comunicación y manipulación en la web (2005)

L.A. gangs sign peace agreement (2007)

Cuba: Dilemma and Hopes (2007)

Aborígenes cubanos eran más que recolectores de alimentos 

Marti youth movement 35th anniversary (2007)

Emir Sader: Guide to becomine an ex-leftist (2007)

Consumer? Protection?

La institucionalidad manipulada

Muchos crímenes, cero arrepentimientos 

Nueva presentación de la telenovela Pasión y prejuicio 

Desde el interior de una fiesta «house» (I)

Se abre un importante espacio al debate revolucionario

Pray for Fidel's health (2007)

Fidel in Caracas 1959

Criticism, friendship and other pressures (2007)

Vida de Cafe - JR - 2-4-2007

Graziella Pogoloto: Los polémicos Sesenta 

Ambrosio Fornet:

Variables de una matematica familiar

Ambrosio Fornet - The grey period

TV in Cuba (JR 2-4-2007)

Ghandi: Non-Violence and Truth (2007) 

Tim Hector: One Caribbean as a Zone of Peace (2001) 

Dorticos to the intellectuals 1961

Rosalie Schwartz: Pleasure Island, Ch. 12

Rosalie Schwartz: Pleasure Island, Ch. 13

Marinello on the Cuban Revolutonary Party

LeRoi Jones: Cuba Libre (1960)

Activistas antibélicos norirlandeses enfrentan cargos de terrorismo

LeRoi Jones: Cuba Libre (1960)


Cuba and 21st Century Socialism (2007) 

Reivindican a escritores críticos del gobierno de Cuba

Abel Prieto: Europeans don't understand.

Ramiro Valdes to Int'l Informatics Fair, 2007

El amor está de fiesta Feb. 14, 2007

Segolene's "social awakening" 2-14-2007) 

Unequal Souls 

7 Cowboys 1/4 million liters of milk

Homosexuals are the new Cuban niggers (1973)

Senel Paz interview (2007)

Intimidades publicas-I

Intimidades publicas-II

Google reveals intimacies (2007)

Andres Gomez: Where terrorists rule (2007)

Passion for Reticence (2007)

"Suborno" en la autopista (2007)

Aubry Erin Kaplan - An American in Cuba (2007) 

Adulterations - I (2-25-2007) 

Pedro Knight and Celia Cruz

Raul dialogue with UJC plenum

Sexo Sentido 2-14-1007

Abel Prieto: Neither Dogmatic nor Sectarian

DeWayne Wickham: Gays and Cuba (2007) 

DeWayne Wickham: Gays y Cuba (Spanish)

The Sting of the Wasp Network (2007)

Jack Barnes on Cuba (1979)

Adulterations - I

Adulterations -  - to be fixed

Adulterations - II 

Ankeny group collecting equipment for Cuba trip

Secrets of the Penis II: Testosterone

Granma announces Wood's "Bolshevism"

Broader Rev. Lit needed after book fair 2007

Elections in Northern Ireland (3-7-2008) 

Iran and Cuba, a hug between young brothers 

H. Blanco: Chile: The lesson Venezula learned (2007)

Simon Bolivar on the United States

Health  in a beauty parlor (March 2007) 

Broadening Marxist Classic Liberature (3-2007

Yepe - The Comparisons Tactic (March 2007)

Ramon Labanino: Love is not imprisoned 

A Couple of Three? (Somos Jovenes)

Solitude - Wise Counselor (Somos Jovenes)

Acupressure (Somos Jovenes)

Ronald Reagan's death (2004)

Love Without Violence (Somos Jovenes) 

Somos Jovenes on Bi-sexuality (2006) 

Alan Woods' "Bolshevism" (2007)

Alan Woods' "Reason and Revolution" (2006)

Cuba, the Internet and Reporters without Borders

Paralympics 2007

La tecnología no puede asumirse a retacitos 

Adulterations - Part 1 of 3 (Juventud Rebelde)

Adulterations - Part 2 of 3 (Juventud Rebelde)

Adulterations - Part 3of 3 (Juventud Rebelde)

JR inteview with Polish New Left Party


Traffic problems

Haitians without an Adjustment Act (2007)

Sexo Sentido - March 10, 2007

Hairdos and health

Book by Celia Hart debuts in Havana 

Dancing is dreaming on foot 

Cane-free land

Regarding Marx in Soho

Roberto Fonseca: WSJ Profile

Amulets Against Death 

Science Fiction - Nothing worse than parar

John Lennon: Beatle Under Suspicion (2007)

Max Lesnik: What's happing with the church in Miami?

Francisco Aruca on Menoyo (2003)

Jaime Ortega - El Pais interview March 2007

Marx in Soho 2007

Armando Hart on Deutscher's Stalin (2007) 

OK to build the fence, but not to jump ot 2007 

Una sede «amansa guapos»

UJC: We Will Take the Revolution into the Future

Faustino Oramas Osorio "El Guyabero" dies

Let's talk about sexuality. Ch. 7: Homosexuality

Red Light Districts (Zonas de tolerancia) 

Sexo Sentido: Cupid has no age

Marti and the Cuban Revolutionary Party

Goodbye to Childhood

Cuban Youths seeking inner selves (2007) 

Sexo Sentido: Amulet Against Death (2007) 

Marx Beyond Soho

Holguin Women Practice Football

Fernando Martinez Heredia on Raul Roa

How Chavez intends to weaken U.S. (WSJ)

Katrina's Winds Keep on Battering

Joel del Rio on La Edad de la Peseta (2007)

Landau: U.S. Media Images of Post-revo Cuba

Enrique Molina - interview/profile 

Joel del Rio: Apocalypto: Maya per Hollywood

Girfriends to the rescue

RM Elizalde- Not so secret Posada pact

People's Camping to improve in 2007

Elian: A Victory Shared with the American People 

Good News in Northern Ireland (2007)

NYT: U.S. Fugitives Worry about Castro

Russia Brews Trouble in Europe's Cuba

What the Cuban mother wants 

Bicis sin acaparadores 

Stopping smoking: I want to, but I can't (2007)

Hitchens' atheism book reviewed

Chinese Immigration to Cuba

Drivers, passengers and yellows

Love, Sex and Age Difference

De ballenas, bacterias y otros olores

"Here, Kiddo!" (on gun control in the US) 

F.M.Heredia on Cuban National Identity 

Armando Hart on Spiritual Culture

Chavez on  formation of peoples police

M. Lebowitz on Yugoslavia in Venezuela

Reforma migratoria: rápido pero, con calma

Concealing the Truth 

Lebanon PM: The Facts Confirm our Victory

Fatah al Islam...against their Arab brothers!

Fernando Lugo interview

Rebirth of debate on cultural crimes of the 70s 

Bill Gates, computers, and political projects 

In life, Solitude is necessary (2007)

Chano Pozo Documentary awarded

Chinese Intellectuals oppose Posada liberation

'SiCKO' Gets Healthy Response (WSJ)

Cuba vive una revolución... sexual

Adultery and other demons (book review 2007)

Conjugal violence (2007)

Africa for all (Juventud Rebelde) (2007) 

R.P. Betancourt: Night of the Innocents (2007) 

A tricky lasagna (2007)

Women’s Voluntary Military Service under debate

Joel del Rio on La noche de los inocentes

Bustelo on Latino Identity

US Agribiz execs blast embargo (2007)

Joel del Rio on Night of the Innocents

Flores sí, pero música...

Ana Menéndez puts a strain on El Nuevo Herald 

Frida and Diego: Life After Death (2007)

Roberto Salas: These Are Cubans (2007)

Established Dogma (2007)

Michael Moore: Those Keystone Cubans (1997)

Ojala! (Bohemia, February 2007)

De mujeres, silencios y amores (2007)

How Cuba Uprooted Race Discrimination (1961) 

Francis Ford Coppola on Cuban Film (1975) 

Interview w. director of La Edad de la Peseta

Reporter to spend a month on Cuban rations

Five Questions about Vietnam (2007)

Discipline under scrutiny (2007) 

UJC General Evaluation Assembly - Varadero (2007)

Labor discipline a high priority (2007)

Martí en Nicosia (2007)

Emplazada la burocracia (2007)

Suicidal Conduct

The filmmaker and the terrorist (2007) 

UJC Assembly in Ciego de Ávila (2007)

Aumenta diversidad de la estructura familiar cubana

Manuel E. Yepe on the War for Water

Adiós a un explosivo fantasma 

Mike Lebowitz: The bases for new institutions

Women Satisfied with Voluntary Military Service

The Specter of Cuban Oil Haunts the Blockade

Alberto N. Jones: Dagger in Cuba's Heart (2007) 

Old FI Cuba documents from 1960

RHC Cultural Notes June 7, 2007   

A trophy or a stone in the shoe?

Arnold and The Ridiculousness of Hatred

Half of European Women battered - June 9, 2007

The "G" Spot, TV, Sexuality, and Humor

Venezuela, the CIA and Colored Revolutions

UJC Municipal balance sheet discussions - Maso 

Reduction in women's sexual desire 

Bartolomé Masó, the last president

Tobaccoism - To die of smoke

Spain and the ETA

First Female Episcopalian Bishop

Fidel: The revolution is voluntary (1980)

Diálogo con Frei Betto en Cuba v

Majibacoa 1319 

Hay que buscarse problemas UJC Cifuentes

Sembene - God's Bits of Wood (preface)

Sembene: Voltaicas (preface by David Gonzalez

Male Menopause? 

George Lamming at La Jiribilla

Caimanera youths discuss national defense

UJC Santiago

Raul Roa Kouri: 70 years of Cuba-Vatican Relations

Leonardo Padura novel on Trotsky's exile (2007)

Antidote to fear

Prologue to Los indepiendientes de color 

John Wayne and the myth of the "great American Hero" 

Fewer trucks drive empty

Walter Lippmann and the Antidote to Fear

Radio Days

Ciego de Avila: Chambas youth evaluation mtg. 

From Don Bohning's "The Castro Obsession" 

Horne: China and the Decline of U.S. Imperialism

Cuba entierra el 'machismo-leninismo'

Vilma Espin on feminism (1989)

UJC Imias Cadre formation 

Santiago UJC

Cubanologia excerpt

Housing, Ulises, Ithaca

Preventing inter-lesbian HIV transmission 

Seafood for Fathers (on Father's Day) 

Marta Rojas on Vilma Espin June 19, 2007

Rio Cauto UJC: Looking for the Essence of our values

Sierra de Cubitas UJC: Daily problems 

Cifuentes UJC - looking for problems 

¡Cuidado!, Google te mira


UJC Palma Soriano - how the work looks

Silencio con Las Marías… 

Post-Revolutionary Cuban Spanish (book) 

Aviva Chomsky on U.S. refugee policy (2007)

Cuba workshops at US Social Forum in Atlanta

Diary of a Scandal (Dench, Blanchett) 

Marilyn Bobes interviews Senel Paz 

UJC Guisa: La convicción es «ser»

Gerardo Hernandez BBC Interview

Manuel Yepe on Cuban immigration to the U.S.

Augustin Lage: Knowledge economy and Socialism 

Yepe: Remittances don't help development 

Damian on Danish and Cuban ballet

Armengol asks Giuliani

Marc Cooper: Cuba at 25 (1984) 

Eliades Acosta: Words to the Intellectuals: 46 years later 

UJC Puerto Padre, Las Tunas

Dr. House vs. Michael Moore (2007)

Rolando Perez Betancourt on "Se Permuta"

Sexo Sentido - Juventud Rebelde - July 7, 2007 

Nelson Valdes: Liars, Damned Liars and Reporters 

Going shopping can be puzzling (7-12-2--7)

Law Enforcement in the Penitentiaries (7-3-2007)

Sicko: A sick hole in the American Dream

UJC Palma Soriano 

Images to read from the left 

¿Juego erótico ó penetración?

Paul N. Siegel: The Castroites and Religion

A Complicated House-swap

Caridad: one of the heaviest women in Cuba 

Circles Robinson: Nothing to lose by ending blockade 

¿Llegará Ulises a Ítaca? (I)

¿Llegará Ulises a Ítaca? (II y final)

Malcolm X: An unyielding revolutionary 

JR Interview Nicaraguan Amb. to Cuba 7-19-2007 

from Anthony Sampson's bio of Mandela

Dizzy Gillespie: to BE or not to BOP (excerpts)

Valenciaga on Fidel  as great teacher 7-20-2007

Theology of Liberation Again in Venezuela 

Dirty Waters (July 19, 2007) 

6th Conference of UJC at PNR General HQ

Walter Lippmann on Leonard Wood (1929)

Walter Lippmann, letter to Cuban Ambassador (1928)

Lorraine Hansberry: A Challenge to Artists. 

Walter Lippmann to Dean Rusk (1964)

Lorraine Hansberry: A Challenge to Artists (1964)

Ronald Segal: The Race War (1965)

Harry Haywood on Cuba (1946) 

WSJ on Cuban migrant smugglers (2007) 

Cuban CP to investigate 21st Century Socialism

La conexión venezolana en méxico

Ramy on Dieterich, Cuba and 21st C. Socialism

Dieterich: Between the Market Economy and

Socialism of the 21st Century (1-26-2007)

Alcoholismo, el engaño embotellado

Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz: Response to Dieterich

Alberto N. Jones: The Birth of Healthcare for All

7-26-2007 Granma summary of Raul's speech

The Venezuelan Connection in Mexico 

Oscar Corral: I am not a Communist (2007)

Anal sex: another route to pleasure (2007)

Barry Sheppard: Cuba Changes the World 

Dante Castro vs. Celia Hart on Trotskyism

Waldo P. on Cuba vs. the U.S. in 10 Rounds

Family divided at U.S. border reunited in Miami 

Barack Obama speech to CANF May 23, 2008 

Pedro Campos Santos: Cuba. Dilema y esperanza (II)

Pedro Campos Santos: De inmovilismo nada,

Aurelio Alonso - 54 years since Moncada

Danza Voluminosa 

Tomas Gutierrez Alea: Cuba Si, Almendros No! 

Néstor García Iturbe - Iraq: Where and how to pull out?

Heinz Dieterich responds to Dario Machado 

Ariel Dacal Diaz - ¿Por qué fracasó el socialismo soviético?

O'Grady: Onward Christian Cubans (WSJ)

Goodbye Belfast! Hello Kabul!

Amuchastegui: Neither Gray Quinquennium nor

Black Decade, but Endless Struggle for Ideas

and Diversity in Revolutionary Cuba (2007) 

Armengol: A thorny life in exile 

A. Ortiz - Permanent Revolution in Cuba (1960) 

1000s of Peruvians go to Bolivia for eye care

Amuchastegui: Reasons for Costly Decision (2003)

Amuchastegui: Cuba in the Middle East: A Brief Chronology (1999) 

Mariela Castro: Ready for changes with and without FC 

Joel del Rio on Desperate Housewives (2007)

The age of bad manners (I) 

Pedro Campos Santos: Dilemma and Hope (II)

Esther Perez-Prologue to Raul Suarez' book

Alarcon: In the language of the enemy (2007)

Chavez invites Mexico to join L.A. integration. 

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Celebrating Barry Bonds 

Teofilo Stevenson: Not treason, but ignorance

Elogios a Cuba de un atleta desertor

Does perfect love exist?

Friendship vs. sex, Part I 

Mandela to Both: call to negotiate, 1989 

Mandela: A Tribute to Angola and Cuba (1990)

Mandela: to S.A. Business Executives (1990)

Marabou, that damned plant of the Cuban countryside 

Petras Cuba contradictions (August 2007)

Extravíos y abandonos… (JR August 2007)

Soledad Cruz: El revolucionario riesgo de la verdad 

Horace B. Davis on Nationalism and labor 

Somos Jovenes on lesbianism

Hip-Hop in Havana (JR, November 2005)

Somos Jovenes: Actions to stop smoking

Somos Jovenes on promiscuity 

Somos Jovenes: Caress me, mi amor 

Rolando Perez Betancourt on Glamour

Ariel Dacal Diaz: Why Did Soviet Socialism Fail? (2007)

Arnaldo Coro: Linux much more than an an operating system 

The Night Max Roach Conquered Havana

Friendship vs. Sex, Part II


Guillermo Almeyra: Trotsky in the 21st Century 

Ofensiva Diplomática Yanki En America Latina Néstor García Iturbe 

Hugo Blanco: The Earthquake and the vultures

Alberto N. Jones: On ending the travel ban

The Militant on William Morgan's execution (1961)

JR on Elvira Arellano's deportation 

HAMAS promises response to Israeli attack 

Soledad Cruz: Cuba faces its demons

Joseph Hansen - Mexico City Conference 1961

JR on vulgar communication 

Jeff Mackler intro to Celia Hart (undated on web)

Néstor García Iturbe: The CIA is not alone

Whitney on Latin America going left (March 2007)

Narciso Isa Conde on Raul's July 26th speech 

Fernando Martinez Heredia on Spanish Civil War 

Pedro Campos Santos: Verguenza contra dinera

Mafia and child porn going to Cuba

Living with HIV/AIDS

Néstor García Iturbe: The wrong prescription 

Father: I just want to be with my daughter. 


Chavez calls for a new international

Cuban Dad's Personal Quest in the U.S. 

Elena Pérez, a Woman with Many Regrets 

Bill Paparian - Eyewitness Atlanta (August 2007)

Aleida Guevara: hija del Che

Armengol: Obama and the Cubans (8-22-2007)

Church to accept civil union, but not marriage 

A Dream Amusement Park

BBC's Stephen Gibb's parting shot at Cuba

Soledad Cruz on prostitution and johns

Samuel Feijoo: Martí encuentra su paisaje  xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lisandro Otero: Economic war against China 

Armengol: Politics and Adoption in Miami

Alan Woods: War Drums in Washington

Luis Sexto on Bureacracy in Cuba

Jorge Ramos: We are all Elvira

Isaac Saney: Notes on Cuba's Electoral System 

Anti-Cuban cliches or platitutes (La Jornada)

Other kinds of couples find room in society

C.M. de Cespedes on Marriage and the Family

Tom Barrett on South Africa - (BIDOM 1985)

Child sexual abuse 

Sexto Sentido: Female vocal quartet

Isaac Saney on Eurocriticism and democracy

Racial theme in anti-Cuban subversion

Critique of Petras: A Perverse Man

Doug Morris Interview, Part II 

Colombian First Lady in Cuba (madeleine)

Cuba’s Efforts Against Drug Smugglers 

Frida Kahlo in Cuban Art (2007)

Roig: Los maridos que no salen de noche

Armando. Hart: What Is Socialism? (2007)

Armando Hart: Ethics key to 21st C. Socialism

Traffic accidents 

Yepe: Twisted Justice in Miami

Cuban enterprises, are they socialist?

Jean Ziegler's controversial mandate (2007)

Gus Weiss: Duping the Soviets (1996)

Will US Downgrade UNHRC? (2007) 

How Ag lobby defeated anti-Castroites

Alberto Jones: Unmasking Race War Promotors

Joel del Rio on Madrigal

JR on Jena and US racism

Is homosexuality persecuted in Cuba? 

Frank Josué Solar Only way out extension of revo. 

Amnesty International 1978 report on Cuba

Néstor García Iturbe: 60 years of CIA Dirty Work

UJC needs to be more attractive

Nelson Valdes: Twin Towers & Fidel's lucidity

Matches for Marriage 

Raul defends debate on Cuba's problems

Vicious Attack against a Cuban Eye Hospital

Cremation growing among Cubans

Catholic Church: stronger? weaker? both?

Armengol: Our Father Who Art in Miami

Pedro Campos Santos - 15 Specific Proposals. 

Pedro Campos Santos - PCC directs indepth debate

Gaza: "Enemy Entity"

Cuba's Jewish Community's Golden Age

From Montreal: a rejection of Bush line on Cuba

What he thinks...what she believes 

Prison Break or American Trauma?

Remington Steele

R.P. Betancourt: Another film goes down the drain

Juan Gelman: A bi-polar world?

A. August: Interview with families of Cuban Five 

Cuba strives to stop smoking

An Apocryphul document

Che: A Beret at the Mines and Workshops

How to confront your spouse's betrayal

Bad Days for Gordon Brown 

John Wight on Che's Legacy 

Vladimir Acosta: No socialism without democracy

Néstor García Iturbe: Iran - The next Target

Problems of the current U.S. Economy -  Juana

UNICEF on Adultcentrism

Padura finishes his novel on Trotsky 

Electonic magazine promotes science fiction


Social workers on Energy Saving

Llaman a multiplicar el ahorro de energía

Trotsky, Padura and the love for dogs 

Cubarte profile of Leonardo Padura 

Similarities between Che and Trotsky

Cuban Trotskyist declarations, 1960-1963

SA: Chavez for non-Marxist "Petro-socialism"

SA: Chavez calls for "permanent revolution"

Abel Prieto interview 10-14-2007 JR 

Interview with TEMAS editor Rafael Hernandez

Eduardo Galeano on Che before the press.

Homeless Angeles in Los Angeles

Chinese CP holds 17th Party Congress

Alo Presidente with Chavez and Fidel, 10-14-2007 

Duty Calls: we must save energy

Social workers share energy-saving experiences.

Helen Yaffee interview with Prensa Latina

Calzon on how much money his Center gets

A UJC membership card isn't a passport 

Y tú, ¿también copias a Yeyo? 

Iran's Latin American House visits Cuba

Chlamydia, etc.

Two roads to a single Scotland

New Film by Daniel Díaz Torres: The Road to Eden

An apocrophyl document 

Women and Power - 1 - Hurricanes with tender names

Women and Power - 2 - Salto con vallas

Women and Power - 3 - Interview with Yolanda Ferrer

Helen Yaffee interview from JR 


Yepe: Decision by the Supreme Judge (10-2007)

Luis Sexto: ¡Ahí sí hay problemas!

AIDS prevention groups

Mala Leche and the case for positive change 

First Round voting, Oct. 2007 

Moneda Dura: Alma sin bolsillos

JR report on dentistry 10-28-2007

JR report on unethical health services 10-21-2007

JR interview with Abel Prieto -

Another bridge between Cuba and China 

Cuban Culture Day

Armengol: Millions in aid for Cuba (10-29-2007)

Un Edén cercano al infierno

Jose R. Vidal: Cuba Debate

Ecuador: Rafael Correa interview 

Becoming an M.D. on the Isle of Youth

Yutong: New buses, old vices

UJC Provincial Assemblies to begin (11-5-2007)

Motorcycle safety helmets

Mariela Castro: Sure, I can see a woman governing Cuba 

Armando Hart on 90th anniv. Russian Revolution 

Leonardo Padura: Cuba today is a suspense novel


Hong Kong-Kosovo Connection?

Luis Sexto on Savings

Yepe: October at 90 

Transexualism: Between Being and Pretending 

Juventud Rebelde looks at "Metrosexuality"

90 years since the assault on the sky

Motorcycle Safety Helmets

Savings: Economies which just take off 

Robert Sandels: Pay the Invaders!

Fernando Martinez Heredia: Recovering October

Ariel Dacal Diaz: Cuba, October, the Youth and the Future

Radical tourist from Grant group in Cuba

From 1949 Readers Digest: Oh, idiosyncrasy! 

Loss of sexual appetite

KAOS dialogue on Metrosexuality

FEU and Revolutionary Institutionality

Clarin note on Metrosexuality in Cuba 

Sarko's Red Lines 

REDACTED: Brian Palma's latest movie

Social workers find gas-saving irregularities

Critical voices on Cuban TV

Passivity is not a choice among FEEM students 

Ecuador moves to 21st  Century Socialism

National Day of Health Quality Reflection

Women's Cycling dispute

Cómo afrontar la traición de su pareja

Prime task of UJC: Economic efficiency 

Graciela Ramirez: Gerardo's Nobility

Yepe: From Armed Struggle to ballot box

UJC don't just exist for itself

UJC reflect on their base activity

UJC Cuban Youth and the economic battle 

Luis Luque Alvarez: A nice guy 

Physical preparation of women in military service

Improving the UJC

Why march on November 27?

HIV-AIDS responds more to conduct than orientation

Matanzas UJC on need for teachers 

Rosa Miriam: A Starting Point for Venezuela

More Latinos than Blacks in the USA

Payment Problems

Rafael Hernandez: At stake: a new model of socialism

Ali Rodriquez: Reform and revolution 

David Gonzalez: Ethiopia, Rastafari, 3rd millennium

David Gonzalez: above (Spanish original)

E.R. de Leuchsenring: colonial+ modern botella


UJC Santiago-Holguin balance 12-9-2007 

Empleo: Entre ofertas e indiferencias 

Kosovo, for a piece of cake

Dignidad perdida

Our service regulations were broken

Arnold August on FTAA, December 2007

Mariela Castro: Homophobia a big error 

Childbirth is a pleasure (JR, 12-15-2007)

JR on Metrosexuality, 2004

Ten years of "Acuse de Recibo" (12-15-2007)

Condom preventing ejaculation

ETECSA responds: She wasn't fired 

Viaje al centro de la tierra (I)

Viaje al centro de la tierra (II)

Luque: Bufeton

Belgium - JR interview with Party of Labor

Elizardo Sanchez: No por gusto es un Camaján 


R.P. Betancourt: Night of the innocents

Aurelio Alonso: Socialism must be "reinvented"

Palabras de padres

Havana UJC battles complacency 

Two Acuse de recibo columns

Don't you know Flemish, miss? Belgium

Miguel Barnet interview September 2007

Malcolm X on Oginga Odinga

WSJ on "Cuban Revolution" and a blogger 

Mistreatment, Deception

US baseball shaken by doping

Una jaba de yarey?

The 60s by the heat of La Cafetera

Cuba's only Guernica survivor 

Bush's Christmas Dinner

Europe gets rid of borders, some...

Recreation all year long

UNICEF child marriage photo 1007

Vandal sentenced to four years - Granma 

Javier Bardem


Blanca Rosa Blanco

Fernando Rojas interview

Choco interview 

Luis Sexto: Magic Words 

Estela Bravo interview, December 2007

What makes Cubans laugh?

Third Age Chronicles (JR)

Ernesto Cardenal on fighting for the poor

Benazir's death: tragic equation 

Society shifting ground on sexual diversity

Eduardo Moltó: designing and audiovisual

Internet forums and the search for love

PNR expands

Afro-American social and cultural anthropology 

How many young people will read this article?

Can dreams be bought?

Brian Latell: Cuba's Transition Begins (1-2008)

María Claudia "admires" Nazaret 

Hijacked airplane, lovely paint job (Jan. 2008) 

Subcomandante Marcos on Cuba (12-2007)

Frank Pais: Neither marbol nor bronze

Moneda Dura: Una moneda que dura

Posada protested in Miami, January 2008

UJC fights social indiscipline, corruption, 1-2008 

Lula in Cuba, January 2008

Barenboim in Ramallah

Frank Padron: Gays in the Cuban media

Alfredo Guevara: Thinking:  A Revolutionary Act

Garcia Lorca's Last Friend 

Vida: The history of an entire nation

The Miami Mickies on Code Pink

Style, beauty and cosmetic surgery

Arnold August: Meeting with the National

Candidacy Commission (January 2008)

Barbara Dane honored in Havana (January 2008) 

Cubans vote in a sign of strength (1-2008) 

Transsexuality: Living as we feel (1-2008)

Trabajadores on Giardia

Arnold August: Voting Day in Cuba (2008)

Do you like your mango green or ripe?

Transsexuals and their inclusion in society 

Tiene La Palabra palabra el camarada Roa

Arnold August - Voting Results in Plaza

Sanctions for vandalism

Car with compressed air

A Hymn for Edith Piaf 

El Duende - Wednesday - January 23, 2008

Oil, Ever More Difficult (PL, 2008)

A. August: Cuban Elections: Slate and Selective Votes

Granma election report: 1-26-2008

Pregnancy without penetration. Is it possible? 

Zámbila, el conde de Keyserling y Waldo Frank 

Obama's response to CANF questionnaire

Alarcón interview in Rebelion, January 27, 2008

FM Heredia on PIC


Child sexual abuse 

Cinema and politics (Granma, 2-4-2008)

NYT travel blog on Cuba January  31, 2008

Yepe: Global economy: recession or realignment?

Karl Marx Conference May 2008

Juan Jacomino: Child Sexual Abuse protection 

Sex and Violence from music 

Juventud Rebelde on Valentine's Day 2008

Pascual Serrano: Alarcon and the students

Naif Painter Ruperto Jay Dies at 95

Granma: Work: Necessity or Option?

Barbara Maseda: New Cuban Film in Canada 

On School Uniforms and Fashion

Yepe: Gutiérrez discovers the Cuban dilemma

Intellectual safari for sexuality

JR: East Germany and the fall of the wall

GRANMA: CDR members against social indiscipline 

Trotskyist Platform on Cuba-China relations

Yepe - Fidel won the battle

Vatican Secretary of State Arrives in Cuba

Nader candidacy bad news for Democrats


Romeo and Juliet to the beat of reggaeton

Increased Pork Production: Blessing or Dilemma?

Detenido el impacto de la droga

A. August: Cuba's ANPP convenes 4/24/2008

Are men naturally unfaithful? 

Educational Sentence (Granma, 02-29-2008)

Censorship, love and other demons

William F. Buckley, Jr: "Self Mutilation" (2004)

Producing milk in drought

Sergio Corrieri: Art for the Revolution 

Armando Hart on ideological invulnerability

Yepe: Disconnected from reality

Cuba's public law offices

Katanga ayer, Kosovo hoy, ¡y el dinero siempre!

Joaquin Bustelo on Sergio Corrieri (2008) 

100 denuncias por ataques sexuales contra niñez en 2007

Cuba’s Postal Service Faces New Challenges

Machadito: Party in vanguard of problem-solving

Yepe: Cuba-Canada relations: A model to copied

La Jiribilla on launching of Barnes on Cuba

and the Coming American Revolution. 

Granma: What would the dead Palestinians say?

Yepe: Manipulating the changes

Scandalous US Censoring of Cuban Websites

Zonas de silencio van diciendo adiós

¡Atención! Mujeres en la vía 

Más que una caricia, 50 bofetadas

Alarcon: The Two Cubas

Puberty Stark Naked

JR interview with Al Jazeera head 

A. August: February 2008 Council of State election 

Reconfiguring women's role in Cuban family

Nelson Valdes: Alicia y la doble moneda

La Jornada on Ocean Sur

Granma interview with Pakistani ambassador

South Africa Thanks Cuba for Cuito Cuanavale 

NYT Liptak: US blocks Cuban sites

La Jornada on Cuban economic reform

Granma: 200+ Chinese graduate from Cuba

Chinese Stand Comm. meets Remirez de Estenoz 

Yepe: Why Africa Roars

For McCain, Israel may not vote, but it counts

Yepe: Lies and genocide

Love among sero-discordant partners

Granma: The dark side of rock music 

JR: Randy Alonso on Spizer and the money trail 

JR: Juan Padron on Elipio Valdez like me

JR: A loaf of bread or a Volvo?

JR: Blind persecution of Cuba

JR: Desperate Housewives

Bohemia: Not solos, but a symphony 

Somos Jovenes: Til death do us apart?

JR: Alert to foreignisms

JR: I pass, you pass, is everybody learning?

JR: debate without prejudice

GRANMA: You don't play with drugs 

GRANMA note on death of Cachao

Alma Mater on Good Manners

SJ: Do new pleasures drive the old ones away?

St. Exupery's crash - Everything for sale?

Mumia verdict March 2008 

A Peter Pan in defense of the American Indian

New system of school evaluation in Cuba

Repasador por cuenta ¿impropia?

Fassbinder's Anxieties

Mariela Castro: Socialism but with less prohibitions 

oaming the streets

Alejandro Armengol on Posada: "Shameful"

Eusebio Leal at UNEAC April 2008

Yepe on Lifting the prohibitions

Esteban Lazo at UNEAC 

Toussaint Louverture the Precursor 

Sexism and language in the media

Fernando Ortiz: Culture is a necessity, not a luxury

The Permanence of Rita Montaner

Soviet translator returns to Cuba

Juan Almeida and history 

Science and reproduction

Truckers blockade in the US (April 2008)

Miami presentation of "Three Generals" 

Fernando Martinez: State, Market, Socialism

Yepe: Capitalism is an antonym of democracy

Granma: Five Questions About Tibet

Granma: Changes in Cuba

A Concept of ownership not working (letter to Granma) 

Cuba’s Female Pilots 

The Bogotazo

The Arabs in Cuba

Love while at the University

Between husband and wife (Bohemia)

A recital for Bob Dylan 

Insufficiencies in water...and in information

Abel Prieto in the middle of 100 roads

YUTONG opens new roads

JR: La queja no era mentira

Gestures don't define sexual predilections 

A. Guevara: Ignorance is the worse enemy of revolutions

News about public lighting

JR: La queja no era mentira

Yepe: For a new people's victory in Paraguay

Cyprus: Communist electoral triumph (4-1008) 

Housing Law - April 11, 2008 

Cuban intellectuals warn of Yankee pseudoculture

La Jornada on vandalism

A final tribute to Walterio Carbonell (Monitor)

Distinguished Chinese Researcher Awarded

El Pais obituary to Walterio Carbonell 


Granma: letters to the editor 04-18-2008

Yepe - on the Obama-Clinton debate

JR on Transexuality 

1957 July 26th movement pamphlet from NYC

Granma: Louis Head: Longing for US-Cuba cultural ties

Granma: Sorpresivo Sidney Lumet

Granma: Our dream park?

Granma: letters to the editor April 18, 2008 

Interview with Sri Lankan ambassador 

Where were the 100 police officers?

Walterio Carbonell in La Jiribilla

JR: Leninism will recover its influence

Cuba Strives to Improve Match Production

Granma editor interviewed by Spanish daily

No journalistic prisoners, just mercenary prisoners 

Detras de la noticias

JR on expanding cell phone service

Zizek, Said: Clear provocations (good sense)

Responde Trabajo, calla Turismo


JR interviews S. African Ambassador

JR interviews Ronnie Kasrils

Jr - Ida Gutsztat - Cuban professor challenges the past

Communist Party Must Be Agile in Dealing with Problems

Drawing the smoke curtains 

What to do to live in peace with each other?

Nestor Garcia - My apologies, Mr. Simmons

JR: New mission for Cuban social workers

GRANMA: Let's go to Coppelia.

South African Ballet Competition director 

Yepe: Cuba and its own foreign policy

Iran has broken the West's nuclear apartheid

To love is to struggle

Granma: Truths about abortion 

CUBA: Exhibitionists Common but Ignored 

Diversity is the norm -  World anti-homophobia day

La Jornada on Cuba and world anti-homophobia day

La Vanguardia Mariela Castro interview

Sexual diversity: judging or understanding?

UNEAC Culture and society commission report 

A journalist killed in Cuba - 50 years ago in 1958.

La última noche que pasé contigo

Yepe: Good advice for the next US President

He's not a monster, he's our son

Cuba marks world day against homophobia 

Today a different kind of film club begins

Al debate hay que acudir sin prejuicios

Marrying with love

F. Alonso: Benois de la Dance Award Laureate

Marta Rojas in her 80s 

USAID request for Cuba Democracy bids (2008)

La Jornada: Hundreds at Anti-Homophobia Day

La Jornada: Mariela Castro to work for respect

for sexual diversity in Cuba

La Jornada on debating ration book ending

Cespedes: marriage & family in Christian History. 

Cespedes: Note of Clarification

To Accept Diversity

Arnold August: Bush and the Cuban Government

Unfinished Building Projects

Indiscipline on the road 

JR: Disabled youths facing more than archetectural barriers?

Letters from Dissidents to Obama

Homosexuality in Cuba - The price of the difference

Barredo on US rules against foreign assistance

Inviolability of correspondence 

Reducing the gender gap 

A woman's soul is fearless

Italian dance professor Joseph Foritano

Chinese think tank on Cuba: US should reconsider

Chinese edition of Cien Horas Con Fidel

Marulanda's Prophecy (JR, June 1, 2008) 

Population decrease must be reversed

Yepe: Intricacies of the Revolutionary Struggle

A «tough-going» job? (milking cows)

Raul Castro's gov't authorizes sex-change operations 

Call for united fight against social indiscipline

Call for united fight against negative social tendencies

Havana Bienniel 2008

Social workers on how to save more energy

Call to energetically confront social indiscipline 

Northern Ireland: Time to work for the people? 

Lage to Municipal People's Power Presidents

Notes on body and sex in Cuban cinema

Carbonell: How Cuba's national culture came to be

Granma: Production of foodstuffs: priority issue 

Official Gazette: Salary Scales (2005) 

Human Rights in Fidel Castro's thought *******

Clara Zetkin: With a look into the future

The Rosenbergs remembered in Cuba

Marilyn Bobes on Passionate Women

Firefox in the Guinness Book of Records 

Cabaret: Cuban version

The Watercolor by Ramon Sanchez-Parodi

Monetary duality and political change in Cuba *******

Granma: Cuba and Africa - Forever United

JR: Canadian Cuba solidarity movement FTT 

Telenovelas open way to debate social themes

Carlos Lage on Che's 80th and Cuban history

Athlete's Foot

Discordant couples: yes or no?

Is the "Latin Macho" dying out?

Betancourt: Criticism, Friendship and other pressures

Perfeccionamiento Empresarial 

Eloise Linger on Joint Ventures in mining, oil

YSA Vietnam pamphlet - 1965

Cuban aboriginal food collection (1-2007)

Gulllen: Bread and Roses (1961)

CPUSA attack on Malcolm X (1963) 

Fidel meets top Chinese Communist Party leader

Cuban Catholic Church vs. gay civil unions

The two faces of Google

Fernando Botero’s nudes of large women

Seven Days of German Cinema

Alvarado: Cuba and oil exploration

Allende: A predecessor 

Olympic Marvels of Beijing 

Cuba Marks World Anti-Drugs Day (2008)

Do you know your blood pressure?

WSJ on Hezbollah: Anti-Americans on the march

Univ. Women complete voluntary military service 

Electricity coming to very inaccessible areas

Young religious leaders scale Pico Turquino

JR on Priapism

Armando Hart on Barack Obama 

JR interviews Russian ambassador

Yepe: Should reason prevail...

Sylvia Wilhelm: The normalcy that we need

Sanchez-Parodi: McCain's plan to win 

Sanchez-Parodi: Obama's plan to win

Granma letters to the editor, July 11, 2008

Granma: An epidemic of ill-treatment

Breaking the Silence Around Race in Cuba

Frank Pais, Ni marmol ni bronce 

¿Otro color para una Cuba rosa? 

Armando Hart: The Two Liberalisms

Faked Orgasms: Who's fooling who?

Pablo Milanes: No queers in the party

Marina Menendez: And, after Ingrid? 

Nelson Valdes: A Note about Operation Fangio

Chinese students finish Spanish course

Max Azicri: Venezuela’s Continental ALBA Initiative

Electricity consumption and state subvention

La Jornada: Fidel backs Raul's austerity policy 

Yepe - Che in the French May 1968 

JR - Three from Sunday - July 13, 2008

Cuban Ed Ministry Reviews 2007/08 School Year

JR on female orgasm, the G-Spot, etc.

Miriam Arocena meets with Sen. Joe Lieberman

IMT on Cuba 1997: Che: Lessons of Struggle

Armengol: For a new Anti-Castroism

Max Lesnik: Miami: La ciudad podrida

Blas Roca: the final resting place 

MH: Hunger is S. Florida's dirty little secret 

Apartheid: So near, so far

David Gonzalez: Nelson Mandela in his 90s

Yepe: Reforming food production

Armando Hart: Educación, cultura y política culta 

Yepe: Complexities of the Revo. Struggle

Valenciaga: US controls the Internet

TRABAJADORES: Union Contracts - Part One

TRABAJADORES: convenio collective-part two

trabajadores: convenio collective-part two

Cuba and Obama:

Alma Mater: ¿Trinidad: Recreación = CUC ?

Alma Mater: “To love in any light” Lesbiand, etc. 

Allard: "Independent" Librarians funded by CIA 

Cuba Inhabited 7,000 Years Ago

Obesity in infancy

La Jornada: Raul on all forms of property

RHC Cultural Notes  8-1-2008

Appreciating ourselves JR Sexo Sentido 

Wayne Smith: Bush made the world worse

JR on the Causes of Regional Migration (I)

JR on the Causes of Regional Migration (II)

Alma Mater dossier: "Diversity is the Norm"

Barahona: Spy vs. Spy: 

GRANMA on the Independent Party of Color

GRANMA: Tax evasion at the agro-pecuario

Granma: Yepe on Jim Crow

Granma on parking

Sex during menstruation? Yes or no? 

Alma Mater: Masculinidad en la ruta crítica 

Yepe on Che Guevara in Eastern Europe

Sanchez-Parodi: The hodge-podge of the campaign

JR: Food Self-Sufficiency in Venezuela's sights

Machadito mets Fernando Lugo

Jorge Risquet: Blas Roca: Virtue and Example 

Barnet on the Partido Independiende de Color

Cuba on the world sports map

Silvio on our shortcomings and improvements

Cuba’s Vice President Meets with Fernando Lugo

LA Times on Florida's limits on Cuban travel 

Fidel Castro on Armando Valladares (2007)

Jorge Perugorria on change in Cuba

Carlos Acosta interview in Granma

Cancun controlled by Russian, Cub-Am mobsters

Interview with Indian Ambassador to Cuba 

José Ramón Fernández on Chinese volunteers 

¿Quién le pone coto al ruido?

Why was Marti the "Intellectual Author"

Si el hombre sirve, la tierra sirve

¿Quién le pone coto al ruido?

Yepe on the erratic blockade of Cuba 

La Jornada Miami: The power of Cuban exiledom totters

Marilyn Bobes on Silvio Rodriguez

Georgia-South Ossetia Conflict Analysis

Women in baseball documentary 

Crisis de la tiranía mundial del capitalismo

Cuban Stage Show Tradition on Display in Europe

Eusebio Leal on Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring 

JR: Rap takes Havana

Roig, una voz masculina en favor del feminismo*

Frida Kahlo: Philosopher and painter

Red Mercal increases sales of subsidized food

Recovering lost traditions 

Telenovela cubana Polvo en el viento

Ambrosio Fornet: The diaspora as a theme

Doug Morris interview on Cuba's survival

An Eternal but Healthy Summer

Deficit of Construction Workers Slows Investments 

A summer without forest fires 

Preface to Cuban Revolution Reader - 2008

CUBA: Relic from the Cold War or Herald of New Millennium

Fernando Martinez Heredia: Centenary of PIC

A Woman Contributes to Changing the World

Five Questions about Paraguay (200)

Rampersad: Obama's Historic Victory

Rampersad: McCain or McBush? (2008) 

Rampersad: Obama and Castro (2008)

Rampersad: Courting the Latino Vote (2008)

Five Questions about Paraguay (2008)

Rampersad: Obamamania in the Caribbean

Beyond the Guavas 

Women: Seduced or seducers

Rampersad: Obama's Historic Victory                                           

Rampersad: McCain or McBush 

Rampersad: Obama and Castro: Confronting the Establishment

Rampersad: Courting the Latino Vote

Five Questions about Paraguay

Rampersad: Obama-mania in the Caribbean

Beyond the Guava 

Noise and social indiscipline: letter and article

Dixie Edith: Words which hurt

Noise and social indiscipline: letter and article

Yepe:  There could be Miami 

Latin America in the mirror of Sidor

Cuban intellectuals discuss Nicaraguan polemic 

Tania and Ulises: A difficult love affair

From Madagascar to Madrigal

India Film Festival in Havana

NYT profile of Punk-Rocker Gorki Aguila 

India Film Festival in Havana 

Women: Seduced or seducers?

Batista and The Failed Revolution of 1933

Rafael Lincoln Diaz Balart testimony May 3, 1960

Deaf-Blind services - two Granma articles

Housing: the Greatest Post-Gustav Challenge

Sanchez-Parodi on McCain, Ave Maria, Gustav. 

NYT profile of Gorki Aquila

Carlos Acosta -  The Modern Day Spartacus

Personal Belongings

The Man of Two Havanas

Nestor Kohan: Celia, a Hurricane of Militancy 

Ingrid Storgen: No te decimos adiós, Celia

Antonio Guiteras, the 100 Days Gov't

La Jornada/Almeyra: Bolivia, Venezuela,

Paraguay y Argentina: una sola y misma amenaza

Venezuela: oposición sigue sin argumentos

French LCR declares solidarity with Cuba 

Elder abuse

Marina M. Quintero: Venezula demands respect

Luque on UK hot winter

Juana - Pneumonia on wall street


Alberto Jones: Big problems need big solutions 

Lesnik on the blockade and the hurricanes

Two from El Nuevo on Hurricanes Ike and Gustavo

Alma Mater: Homosexual man and student

JR-MMQ - Venezuela demands respect 

Alma Mater - What we have is a different love

Serie Pubertad: La vida en animados

Yepe: Toward a pragmatic perspective

JR: Más severidad en sanciones para infractores de la ley

JR on Sexual abstinence 

Nestor Garcia Iturbe: Obama and Cuba Policy 

JR: Baptism in the Orinoco (I)

JR: Baptism in the Orinoco (II)

Juventud Rebelde on Paul Newman

Granma on Paul Newman

Chinese Amb: We must work to demo. socialism better 

Chavez: One day the U.S. will be socialist

Gen Frias now First Deputy Minister of FAR

Yepe on Religious Freedom in Cuba

Soberon: Cuba's Foreign debt at $11 billion USD

Leuchesnring: Public employees who work, and... 

Communists, Catholics respect the god Chango

Priority: reunification of the people of Cyprus

Yepe: Confused by their own lies

Maternal nursing: the natural is perfect

Their way: Madonna and Bardot vs. Sarah Palin 

La Jornada interview with Evo Morales 

Walking on the back

Raul meets Metropolitan Kiril

Política de sanciones después de Gustav y Ike

Kangoma: A Cuban war movie

El juego enemigo del ahorro 

Condoms: blockade and safe sex

Blockade harms U.S. investors

Hurricane-Proof Roofs

Havana's 21st Int'l Ballet Festival

Leuchsenring on Contraband 

Silvio Rodriquez: Interview with Vanguardia

Social Workers on how to save more energy

Chinese edition of Fidel's Reflections

Cuba implementing a pay incentive system

Maracaibo's shantytowns come back to life 

Andropausia - Male menopause

Yepe: Obama's good fortune

Esa gente equivocada...(I)

Esa gente equivocada...(II)

Menoyo & Co. back Barack Obama 

Social workers workship against "delito"

JR on Helen Keller

Roig women

Frustration for U.S. Investors 

Perfect love spelled out

Victor Fowler on The Obama Era

Social Work workshops against offenses

New police series on Cuban television 

Se acabó la soledad en el páramo

Miriam Makeba obituary

Life is the most important thing to save

Atilio Borón: Is Obama a new Uncle Tom?


Jose Vila wins national arts prize 2008 

Juana Carrasco on the spoof NYT

Yepe: What Cubans expect from Obama

Tricky photo editing of Fidel and Kirill

Creation of mother's milk bank

Arafat - the leader who wanted to unite Palestinians 

Internet Addiction?

Luque on Northern Ireland, again?

Papiloma's credentials

Aurelio Alonso interview

La Jornada on Fidel on Marulanda

havez and Marxism from Aporrea

China keeps proving socialism’s worth

JR: defeat of expulsions

Venezuelans in La Cidra eager to vote 

Yepe on the seven mortal deficits of the US 

Alarcon History: Cuba's impregnable strength

Muchacha on "weekend sex"

Muchacha: When I say no, do I mean Yes?

Mujeres: Humberto Solás - A gender perspective

Mujeres: Faking in bed 

Mujeres: What is the truth, what is a lie?

Muchacha: A home run with a woman's voice

Fowler: We are survivors

Sexto: Filosofía de «bomberos»

Day of art and sexuality. 

Humanitarian aid shipment report: 11/24/2008

FM Heredia and the exercise of thinking

Labor defeat in New Zealand - Nov. 2008

Spanish & Lat. Am. Cinema in a Dictionary

Yepe: The War Against the Unions 

Palau Jean-Guy Allard

Trabajadores letter from un-bonused workers

Beatification of Father Olallo - Father of the Poor

Lothar Bisky - We keep socialism in program 

Marta Rojas on Flora Fong and her ancestors

Eisenhower tried to block CR's triumph

Trabajadores on the Bacardi museum in Santiago

Luis Sexto: Discrepancias y floreos 

When angry, my boyfriend doesn't want to have sex 

Bacardi museum, pride of Santiagueros 

Shortages and also indiscipline 

Alfredo Prieto on Zoe Valdes: false erections 

Walterio: Cómo surgió la cultura nacional 

Marulanda can't respond to Fidel 

Yepe: Disaster capitalism 

AIDS Prevention Is in Our Hands 

Sanchez-Parodi: Quo Vadis, Obama? 

Conquest of the century 

MUJERES: Radio Siboney: Radio in Woman's Voices 

Dixie Edith on Sexual Diversity's Acceptance 

Anger at the foot of Olympus 

Drugs prevented entrance in Holguin 

Eusebio Leal - pluralidad 

Alberto Jones: Debunking an imaginary country 

Esteban Morales: Intro to Obama's politics

Batista Otra Vez? 

Batista Otra Vez? 

Roig: public employees and the botella 

Josephine Baker in Havana 

Rafael Correa salutes Cuba, January 8, 2008 

The struggle against vagrancy is a duty (letter) 

ABBA in the sea of pop music 

Chavarria: Fidel or Raul? No: Marti! 

Miguel Barnet on January 1, 1959 

Fidel's Doves

Granma: epidemic of mistreatment 

Mariela Castro interview, December 18, 2008 

Mariela in Spanish 

Yepe on Czechoslovakia 1968 

Esteban Morales on Cuban racial problems

Waterboarding in Cuba 1902 - LIFE

JR: Young People's First Sexual Relationships

Social Workers discusss work-study linkage Human Rights in Fidel Castro's Thought 

Tired of Cuba - A view from the Basque Country 

Historic Dilemma of Cuban Revolution 

Catherine Murphy 


Female volunteers in military service 

Palabra Nueva: Time for Change? 

Carbonell - How - Jiribilla Spanish 

Black Jacobins - Teachers of Revolution 

Men who have sex with men - most vulnerable 

Women's activities in the UJC 

Debate, silencios y el dime-que-te-diré

Yepe - Kiss good bye to the blockade?  

Armando Armengol: Raul's response 

Andres Gomez on the government changes 

Protecting children from accidental death 

Cuban cultural taboo relinquished re: Church 

Otto, the big loser 

Lula: Communist Manifesto has the key 

Women in volunteer military service 

Women in anti-aircraft battery 

There is no "rebel" without a cause 

Polemic by "declarations" 

Illegal satellite dishes 

Women in construction 

Sexto: pounds of more or less 

Traces of Mariana in the Baragua protest 

A celebration of scents 

La Jornada: Felipe and Lage still PCC members 

Jose Marti: The truth about the United States 

El Salvador: The tables have turned 

Calixto Garcia 

Cuba shares land with over 50,000 campesinos 

The antenna case and other illegalities 

Necessity has no short cycle 

Therepeutic vaccine for lung cancer 

Has respect been thrown into the trash? 

Cuban gov't give land to 50,000 campesinos 

Blockade still in place as of March 2009 

Pyongyang will respond if US blocks satellites 

Diversity is natural 

Cuba and the USSR - Gramsci Studies Center 

Times of peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka 

Gladys Gutiérrez: Make Revolution every day 

Quick Comments on Carlos Moore's Pichon 

Yo si puedo in Kisawahili 

Parking on principal thoroughfares 

TEMAS on Woman after 50 years 

Plan Colombia must end says Colombian VP 

Pertierra: Gesture for Gesture - Spanish 

The Black Jacobins, Teachers of Revolution 

Fernando Martinez Heredia on dogmatism 

Colombian VP: "Plan Colombia needs to end" 

Cuban Crusade for the trees 

Palabra Nueva on Brokeback Mountain 

La Jornada profile of Carlos Pascual 

Yepe on CNN learning from the special period 

Setsuko Ono - Palestine at the Havana Biennial 

Jose Pertierra - Gesture for Gesture (Spanish) 

Former FM Robaina's paintings in Argentina 

Sri Lanka - War without end? 

Yepe: The Elephant in the Room in Port of Spain 

Abel Prieto on the Biennial 

Basque gov't to Cuba to check on its delegate 

Walking around shirtless 

WSJ: US refuge to Cubans, even if not from Cuba 

Mary McCarthy 

La pertinencia de prevenir 

Armengol: From London to Trindad 

Basque government visits Cuba 

Franco Bozzo murder - ANSA reports 

Perugorria in New York, 2000 

Armengol: Lula stresses his diplomatic effort 

Yepe: From Punta del Este to Port-of-Spain 

Is going shirtless in fashion? 

Dissidents describe CBC visit as "positive" 

False feelings in adolescence 

Chinese Economy shows positive evolution 

Milk coops 

Dissidents want money 

A sick society - Mexidor 

Guinea-Bissau march to free the Cuban Five 


Armengol: A different game 

Armengol: Posada or the past 


Return of the banana 

And Moldova lost its colors 

Yepe: Iraq abuses learned in Operation Condor 

Basque delegate investigated for espionage 

The Sucre, from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago 

ALBA document for V Summit of the Americas 

Alarcon on how US can show it's serious 

Harnecker on Cuba in El Pais April 2009 

Beer, Chicken and "perreo" 

The thief and the word 

Chinese film on Cuban Five

Obama press conference - Trinidad - 04/19-2009 

Alarcon - This is the revolution we dream about 

Carlos Pascual profile in El Universal (MX) 

Driving in London (with the threat of a blackout) 

PCC plenum in Villa Clara evaluates food production 

Josephine Baker, from Paris to Havana 

Yepe - Someone should explain something to Obama 

Fernando Martinez Heredia on Eduardo Chibas 

PCC plenum in Matanzas evaluates education 

Tarara's Villa Amistad - Believing in hope 

Letters to the editor, one year later 

Where's the manager? 

Yepe - Cuban Adjustment Act laid bare 

JR on science, tradition and common sense 

Influenza A N1H1: Know more about new virus 

The Potato Payback 

Bohemia profile of Isabel Santos 

Varel Holdings fined for exporting technology to Cuba 

Elizalde: Margin note for the New York Times

Stepmothers, the wicked ones from the movies? 

Rescuing wholesale food warehouses 

Radio and TV aggression against Cuba 2009) 

Omissions of the stylish blogger Yoani Sanchez 

Elizalde - Cyber Command and Cyber Dissident 

Urban agriculture far from resting 

Who benefits from the A H1N1flu virus epidemic?

Len Weinglass Cuban Five Interview May 2009 

Sylvia Wilhelm on the Cuban Community Abroad 

Alfredo Guevara on knowledge 

FM Heredia on Malcolm X still speaking to us 

Mariela talks of Cuba and sex in Canada 

La Jornada edit on swine flu discrimination 

Yepe: Be careful with tourism from the US 

Silvio supports travel rights for all Cubans 

Armengol on the Cuban Democratic Directorate 

Yoani Sanchez uses hotel WiFi 

MH Lagarde on Yoani 

Armengol: Socialismo a la cubana 

Letters to La Jornada on A (H1N1) flu 

Art Instructors help rebuilding in Gibara 

Luis Ramirez: Eroticism defines my literature 

How to live to 120 

Transvestites in the anti-homophobia campaign 

From Metrosexual to Alpha man 

SEMlac list of sexual diversity reports 

Unlicensed taxi drivers 

Cine Club "Diferente": A proposal to consider 

World observes World Homophobia Day - EFE 

Palestinian state: Say the word, Bibi 

World Homophobia Day - DPA 

A stigma which is really harmful to health 

Cuba has a right to a revolution 

Granma: Today's youth...lost? 

Homophobia is not incurable 

Questions and answers about Carlos Moore's Pichon 

Aurelio Alonso on Change under Obama 

Journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina’s Route 

Cuban literacy program implemented in Brazil 

Say The Word, Bibi 

Yepe - Obsessions of he US ultra-right 

Clint Eastwood: Hard as nails 

Amaury del Valle: Cuba the besieged Internet? 

Food production difficulties 

Hypnosis in sexual therapy 

Andres Gomez: Success without the OAS 

Rosa Luxemburg's body 

Atilio Boron on the Cuba in the OAS? 

Coins do not reach their destination 

Cuban declaration on NOT rejoining the OAS 

OAS reinstates Cuba by consensus over US objections 

Diana Raby reviews Helen Yaffe on Che 

Promising future for Cuba-South African relations 

Marina on FMLN government inauguration 

Yepe: The war of lies against Cuba 

Cubans seeking Spanish nationality/passports 

Andres Gomez on Fr. Jean-Juste 

Netfa: The US, Cuba and Moral Authority 

Senel Paz - Cuban art is self-critical 

Menendez blocks Pascual, Valenzuela 

Fernando Martinez Heredia: Cuba and the OAS 

Yepe: Prensa Latina in its 50th anniversary 

Cuba signs pact against acts of nuclear terrorism 

Coll: Obama won't spend his political capital on Cuba 

Senel Paz: "I'm a writer by ear." 

MH Lagarde on Yoani Sanchez and Iran 

Colombian Culture Minister in Cuba - June 2009 

Another day without Dad 

A Botellon Havana 

Porcheron on Garcia Marquez 

Electricity cheats and bad guys at the movies 

Spanish CNI part of spying on Lage, Perez Roque 

Yepe: Don't forget the victims of torture 

Mariela Castro: Another socialism is possible 

Women in their forties 

Lips, kisses and time 

Yepe: Palau makes headlines again 

Former US intelligence analysis hacked Iranian sites 

Twitter, the “social network” the U.S. prefers

Times for Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka 

Lamrani: Reporters Without Borders on Cuba 

Depression included in Medical Agenda 

Arnold the exterminator 

Poison [in a silver flask] German film: The Wave 

JR: Iranian Revo can defend itself 

What’s with the lyrics of popular songs today? 

The tax that doesn't always get paid 

Finale for Michael Jackson 

UJC plans broad summer activities program 

Hugo Llorens 

Norge Espinosa: Cuba vs. Homophobia 2009 

Cuban revives love letters by commission 

Rangel: Two lines of US policy in Honduras 

Yepe: The enigma of health-care costs 

Many young don't fulfil social service tasks 

Mariela BBC July 6, 2009 

Brazilians seek more investments in Cuba 

TeleSur interviews Zelaya en route to Honduras 

Discovering electricity-stealing tricks 

Tras las Huella - Cuban CSI cop show 

Much "Wave" in German Cinema Week 

Cubarte Profile of Fernando Martinez Heredia 

CB Ross: Garcia Lorca's Passage to Havana 

Canadian Greg Hamilton revela sus señas 

Licenses to transport passengers 

Paparazzi and their responsibility 

Senate Foreign Relation Comm. hearing 

Ros-Lehtinen proposes cutting OAS budget 

Memo from Cuban embassy in Tegucigalpa 

Granma on Micheal Jackson's funeral 

Silvio Rodriguez: No pamphlets when I sing 

Travel remains difficult 


Lawyer Thief 

La Anunciacion by Enrique Pineda Barnet 

Chavez: Obama's terrible mistake in Honduras 

Note from Cuban embassy in Honduras, July 7, 2009 

No change when it comes to the blockade 

Yepe on the Honduran coup 

Regalado on Honduras 

Garcia Marquez on Elian: Shipwrecked 

Conrado and the spies on Castro's island 

Pedro Diaz Lanz - Miami Herald obituary 

Cubadebate on Obama's first six months 

Nancy Morejon on Nicholas Guillen's death 

Mesa-Lago: Cuba's economic paradox 


Vaginosis por gardenella 

Note from the Archbishopric of Havana 

Priests, friends and murdered 

Landau and Valdes on Term Limits and Honduras 

Ariel Terrero: No crystal ball 

I'm given a glass of water 

30th anniversary of Sandinista Revo. in Managua 

Yepe: I thought it was a promotion 

Ariel Terrero: The key to socialism 

Echoes of the Royal Ballet's visit to Cuba l

"Evangelical" Miami hosts Honduran coup-plotter 

Lula: no fraud in Iranian elections 

Ariel Terrero: The key to socialism 

Yepe on mercenary consternation 

Love not like in the movies 

Acolchonados en el silencio 

Obama and the Satrap Micheletti 

Golden Jubilee of Cuba-Sri Lanka relations 

Comfortably in bed with silence 

O'Grady on Gregory Craig 

LaGarde: Who pays Yoani Sanchez? 

Birthrate increase? letter to Granma 

Merce Cunningham: Never enough time 

M.H. Lagarde: The FBI doesn't know Posada? 

Honduran cartoonist Allan MacDonald

Now it is the people who have the say 

Alfredo Guevara supporting Honduras 

Rogelio Polanco on Cuba and Africa 

MMQ: Nica after 30 years is still Sandinista 

Allard on pedigree of US ambassador to Honduras 

Almeyra on Honduras from La Jornada 

Laundromats reopened on the island 

Hondurans prepare national resistance march 

Evo to provide houses to newlyweds 

Fidel's thought in dictionary format 

Valladares's CIA group vs. Evo Morales 

Celia Hart: Haydee from Moncada to Casa 

Phil Cornoyer: Honduras coup as template 

La Jornada: Almeyra on Cuba's options 

Colon will regain its splendor 

To save but at what cost 

Granma expands number of savings inspectors 

Cremation and the obese: Capital authorities respond

When death isn't menacing  

Yepe: Crisis deeper, wealth gap wider 

Granma on domestic medicines and less imports 

Yepe: "Smart Power" against Latin America 

Alberto Roque Guerra Sexual diversity in Cuba 

Cubans lining up for Spanish citizenship 

Cuba-US bishops meeting favored both countries moving closer 

Printed phone bills not need to pay

Maternidad e

Yepe on health care reform in the United States 

indemnización por daños y perjuicios 

ETECSA cuts long distance phone rates 

Silvio on the Juanes concert 

Brokeback Mountain- Italy vs. Cuba 

Nelson Valdes: Fidel Castro Mini-bio 1993 

Valladares goes to Honduras, 200 

Most who died in ICE custody were Cubans 

Venezuela: Paving the Way for a Liberating Education

From Quebec, with love 

Casas de Orientación a la Mujer 

Elections in post-war Sri Lanka 

El Pais interview with Colombian rocker Juanes 

Amaury Perez on Juanes 

Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz on "responsible solidarity" 

Rafael Correa meets Fidel, August 21, 2009 

Memorias de Tania Handal 

Almeyra: Cuba's options (August 2009) 

Almeyra: Trotsky, socialism and democracy  Almeyra: Trotsky in the 21st Century 

Frometa: Cuban-origin terrorist in Honduras 

Sexuality and beauty of the black woman 

Yepe Cuban sports a regular target of talent theft - defect 

Alarcon on the Young Lords 40th anniversary 

Yepe: A passion for baseball 

Legendary Gen Giap celebrates his 99th birth day 

Barata - toward a party congress 

Blockade remains the same: ANZ bank fined 

Gabriel Molina on Teddy Kennedy 

Political defectors? No: Money-grubbers? Yes. 

Anne Frank: Antidote against memory loss 

Venezuelan lawyers tribute to Che 

Cuban medical brigade serving in Portugal 

Caster Semenya 

Vietnam and Cuba, Collaboration between brothers 

Cuba will not change Megnaa Mehtta interview 

To give life after death (liver in this case) 

Basketball or "death" 

Gloria Estefan - Voluntary CIA Agent? 

Love and sex with robots 

Mirrors (re: criticism in Cuba) 

Almeyra: Criticism of a Cuban Critic 

Cuban socialism viable despite blockade


Yepe: who holds the real power in the US Today?  

d'Escoto: You can't get to heaven in a Cadillac 

Charanga Habanera: Crying in Miami 

Yepe on Chavez: the beloved ogre

Andres Gomes: It's not paradise, but it is Cuba 

Customs officers and agents sign Code of Ethics 

Granma on "Sloppiness" 

Granma on A "cool" socialism, Part One 

Granma on A "cool" socialism, Part Two 

Granma on A "cool" socialism, Part Three 

Pentagon joint military maneuvers with Honduran coup 

Jorge Risquet on "Remembering Neto" 

El Pais on prostitution in Spain 

Yepe: Farewell to Juan Almeida 

Yepe: Those who don't go forward, go backward 

100 demand free the five in Miami 

Pinar party leadership changes 

Nestor Garcia on the right's offensive 

Betancourt on Slumdog Millionaire 

Celia Cruz lives in "The Queen" 

Sexual violence 

Carter: racism behind attacks on Obama 


Angel Guerra Cabrera on Juan Almeida 

Breaking Juanes's records in Miami 

Laos and its unbreakable spirit facing difficulties 

Laos PM considers ties with Cuba strategic 

Laos President receives Ricardo Alarcon 

Head of CANF admits CIA activities 

Women and sexual plurality 

Women seeking to join Chinese astronauts 

Cuban music institute on Juanes concert 

Yepe on the dangers of North-South tourism 

Kidnapped Cuban women in Cancun prostitution ring 

Marta Rojas: Juanes won the battle with a dove 

Chinese intellectuals on their training in Cuba 

Jovanotti: Cuba always surprises me

Jose Vicente Rangel: Obama in his labyrinth 

Padura, el pais,  struggle against time 

Chavez in NYC: 

Book on Haydee Santamaria by her daughter 

Andres Gomez on Juanes from Miami 

Church applauds Juanes mega-concert 

Chavez: Only socialism can save the planet 

Chinese mark anniversary at Cuban embassy 

Homage to Haydee Santamaria in Ecuador 

Olga Tañón: Cuba a country with much dignity 

They march in Pittsburgh against the G-20 

Cucu, intolerance and terror in Union City 

Ida Garberi: Haydee and Celia, Revo to Casa 

Padura to excerpts from Man who loved dogs 

Cuba-China friendship stamp cancelled 

Notes on a letter by Victor Jara in Rebelion 

Yepe on Juanes without political connotations 

B. Clinton praises Cuba, Ven on Haiti

JR Allard on Israeli LRAD in Honduras 

Esteban Lazo on PRC's 60th anniversary 

PRC ambassador on PRC's 60th 

Nestor Garcia Iturbe on 60 years of CIA dirty work 

140th anniversary of birth of Mahatma Gandhi 

Silvio on Mercedes Sosa 

China: promise of hope 

Cuban Music Promoted in China 

Representatives of Israeli CP Visit Cuba 

India tests nuclear-capable ballistic missile 

Yepe: World Food Day in Crisis 

Yepe: Another prize for Obama's promises 

Revelations in Bardach's book? 

Frances Negron-Muntaner: Mariconerias 

Lazaro Barredo on Paternalism 

Cuban youth must rise to the occasion 

Haydée del Moncada a Casa 

Alihaydeé Carreño: Five years later 

Frometa supports Micheletti 

BBC Mundo on Cuban Internet Access 

Yepe: Nobody thinks it's easy for Obama 

Arturo Sandoval - A Bronx cheer for lying 

Fabio Grobart - Teacher of revolutionaries 

Nestor Garcia on the FSP and factionalism 

Santiago Alvarez on his release from jail 

Chavez: Operation Milagro impossible under capitalism 

Evo reiterates Bolivia will have its own satellite 

Cuba ends private medicine 

Bolivia will have its 

Yepe: An act of extreme cruelty 

Larry Franklin's plan to overthrow Iran's gov't. 

Felipe de la J. Cruz responds to FSP 

Fidel and Gabo: best of 20th century 

Allard on Palau's UN representation 

Granma: letters to the editor, Oct. 23, 2009 

Allard on Agent Micheletti 

Spy penetrates Cuban security 

The American Dream could have cost them 

Palau: the Pacific nation supports the blockade 

Tras la ruta del dinero 

Invertir en la calidad 

China-LatAm Friendship Forum 

MH Lagarde on Yoani S. 

Alina Perrera on "Our Hands" 

Yepe: Sage advice for Obama on Afghanistan 

Lies worth telling? 

"Goats" which can cost millions 

Costa-Gavras, from Z to today 

High Vatican official to visit Cuba 


Rafael Hernandez 


Yepe: The empire with bases loaded 

The "right" to be lazy (letter to Granma) 

Learning to live - TV show "Much Ado" Mucho Ruido 

Cuban medical aid teams in Honduras -11/2009 


El Cultural on Padura's Trotsky novel 

Workers with H1N1 to get paid at home 

Conflict avoidance in anti-crisis measures 

La Jornada interviews Aruca 

Chinese solar water heaters 

Firefighters - between danger and prevention 

Yepe: The modus operandi of disinformation 

Alan Woods: Letter on Cuba, February 22, 2008 

Obama acknowledges China’s role 

Will Posada and Montaner confess their guilt? 

Yoani Sanchez and the censors of utopia 

Nelson: Cuba, Broadband and other such matters 

COLEGAS y sus Aliados Mercenarios: ¿Independientes? 

La República pulls Yoani Sánchez’s lies to pieces 

US patients travel secretly to Cuba 

Military law student profiled in Granma 

Yoani Sanchez letter to Rep. Howard Berman 

The Intellectual emptiness of HRW 

The intellectual emptiness of Human Rights Watch 

Almeyra on Honduras, Nov. 22, 2009 

US and media use bloggers against Cuba 

US and media support Yoani 

Yepe on the war on terror 

US and media support Cuban dissidents 

Bomberos  Columbus Cemetery is life’s work 

Cuban people are tired of Yoani Sanchez 

Eulalio Negrín, another victim of terrorism 

United Fruit Company 

Google - not for Cuba Amaury E. del Valle 

Yepe: A disposable president 

Yoani - You can tell people by those who honor them 

Olga Pertierra: Impressions of my trip to Cuba 

Message from Cuba to Afro-American Intellectuals 

Yepe: another frustrated Obama promise 

Nestor Garcia reply to FSP 

Petition nominating Fidel for Nobel Prize 2010 

Yepe the socialist course of Cuban culture 

Esteban Morales: Cuban Color (Trabajadores) 

Esteban Morales Alma Mater interview 

US military attack on Cuba? Taladrid 

Nestor Garcia Undiplomatic diplomats 

Esteban Morales: desafios 

Greta Garbo's Cuban Lover 

Pope calls for peace and global solidarity 

Dalband: From Plan Bush to Plan Obama 

Nestor Garcia: Interference an imperialist method FSP 

Cuba-U.S.: from Plan Bush to Plan Obama 

Alberto Jones - life and death 

Proceso - desencanto 

Permuta website 

Media Terrorism - Univision in Miami 

Cuban permuta website 

Cuba: TS2 Satellite Communications Services 

Paroled Spanish businessman to Madrid 

Chinese president for a multipolar world 

Grant-Woods 1978 

Mordechai Vanunu re-arrested 

Nestor Garcia on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize 

Lazaro Farinas on the Nigerian's underwear 

U.S. laws against collab. with foreigners

Cuba demands exclusion from terrorism list 

Self-critical analysis by Cuban farmers 

MINSAP report on 26 deaths at Mazorra 

Yepe: Plaintive humor 

Cuban Jewish Assn doesn't know accused spy 

Cuban doctors save Haitian lives 

Sean Penn in Haiti intends to work with ALBA 

Memories of Revolution 

A Cuban battle against racism Mesa Redonda 

Nestor Garcia: Obama and the state of the union 

Charles Schultz's widow visits Cuba 

Afro-Cuban or Black Cuban? 

India pays tribute to Ghandi 

Esteban Morales: Obama is only the President 

Alzugaray: Continuity and Change 

The deaths of JD Salinger 

Trabajadores on low productivity 

Nestor Garcia on the CIA from Within 

Victor Fowler: Against the Racist Argument

Miguel Alfonso: diplomat and revolutionary 

Who are the real victims of vandalism?

Social Security for Artists 

ERnesto G. on Salinger 

JR: All roads lead to China 

Alzugaray: Cuba Fifty Years Later: Continuity and Change 

Nestor Garcia on Yoani:  A "humble" blogger 

China's Information Office of the State Council

"The Human Rights Record of the US in 2009" 

Pavel: structural and institutional changes 

Dissolving the bonds of matrimony 

A dream in Isfahan 
Silvio: 2nd Reply to Carlos Alberto Montaner (Litany) 

Google censors Cuban intellectual 

Cliff Conner: Report back from Cuba (2010) 

Farinas rejects Spanish offer of help 

Reflections on Google censorahip 

Granma - Letters to the editor, March 26, 2010 

Silvio R. Questions from a Singer Who Dreams 

Enrique Ubieta: Neues Deutschland 

Caridad Diego 

Silvio, Maceo, Marti 

Alberto Jones A worldwide Battle of Life and Death. Part II 

Esteban Morales: Racism - a problem to be resolved 

Reuters: Mgt of barberships & beauty parlors to workers 

Nestor Garcia: A Contribution by Weissert 

Montaner tries to clean up his image 

Gabriel Molina: 180 Congressmen seek power 

Nestor Garcia Iturbe: Obama in Miami 

Esteban Morales: Corruption: Real counter-revolution 

Max Lesnik on Elian (2010) 

Nelson V: 10 reasons for Elian to go home 

Nueva Palabra interview with Jaime Ortega 

Rafael Hernandez - Imaginary dialogue 

A. Ravelo: Mysteries of Female Sexuality 

Stolen gasoline 

Mysteries of female sexuality, a title at the Book Fair 

Carlos Ugalde's photo exhibition in Santiago 

Ladies in white call new march 

Alarcon on Stupidity, Delerium and dissidents 

Cuban cinema in Chicago 2010-ernesto gonzalez 

Rafael Izquierda finally wins custody 

Vietnam Won its independence 

Xinhua on Homophobia in Cuba (2010) 

Yepe: Epilogue for a recurring dialogue 

Nestor Garcia: Playing the Enemy's Game 

La Jornada - New Agricultural Formula 

Nestor Garcia - Exiles Metamorphosis 

Richard Levins: Como visitar un pais socialista 

Financial Times: Cuba's medical diplomacy 

Alberto Roque Guerra - Homophobia 2010

Challenges to the Cuban Family and Society 

Arturo Arango 

AFP: Police get anti-homophobia training 

Marta Rojas - 120 years since Ho Chi Minh's birth 

Ariel Terrero: What is the sugarcane? 

Private farmers ask for sales leeway

Silvio Rodriguez: "Cuba, Si! Yankees, Too!" 


Yepe: Failures They Haven’t Caused Enough Damage 

Una brecha por donde se escapa la productividad 

Yepe: approximando 

Farinas willing to end hunger strike 

Sexo Sentido - History of a challenge 

Yepe: Sukarno, Hemingway, Fidel 

Internal Migratory regulations for Havana, etc. 

Yepe: The Real Great Depression 

Pertierra on US prosecutors in Havana re: Posada 

Jorge Gomez Barata: Brazil or Manifest Destiny 

Allard on Ros-Lehtinen's hypocrisy 

The Cuban wife of Karl Marx's daughter 

Yepe on post-revolutionary tribunals 

Rafael Ezquierdo and Elizabeth - Part One 

Rafael Ezquierdo and Elizabeth - Part Two 

Rafael Ezquierdo and Elizabeth - Part Three 

Cuban Nostalgia 2010 

Argentine Trots: Che and the national bourgeoisie 

Argentine Trots: Raul meets the enemies 

Final Call: Community-based doctors 

Sepia 1982: Castro's Cuba: "Very Good to Blacks" 

Cuban smuggling in Quintana Roo 

Cuba-Egypt friendship 

Granma note on Helen Thomas 

Yepe on the Cuban Five 

Israel offered aid to Batista 

Silvio dedicates Carnegie concert to Pete Seeger 

Cuban opposition demands blockade softening 

New book, The Russians in Cuba, launched 

Iran says UN sanctions "a stragegic error" 

Granma: 239,000 US children in sex trafficking

Yepe on human sex trafficking 

Silvio in Washington, June 2010 

Silvio will retire - Orlando Sentinel 

CubaDebate on the Jewish Lobby 

Threat of war in the gulf with Iran 

Aurelio Alonso on the church in Cuba 

Israel offered aid to Batista in 1958 


Silvio Rodriguez to retire from the stage 

Internationalist work of Cuban dentists 

Novo Sampoll will never give up violance 

Spy arrests could be FBI hoax 

The bread could touch you 

Granma interview Guillermo Farinas's doctor 

Cuba won't accept pressure by Farinas 

La Coletilla - A Cuban revolutionary invention 

Mr. Obama: Whoe's in charge in the USA? 

Yepe: The new American populist right 

Prisoner releases - Cuba's silent victory 

yepe - noriega - cason 

Nestor Garcia: "representative democracy" 

Esteban Morales: The holy trinity 

Book of Fidel's thoughts presented in China 

El Pais: Prisoner releases divide dissidents 

2500 Uruguayan prisoners on hunger strike 

Prisoner release divides dissidents 

Cuba on Argentina's gay marriage vote 


WSJ: US refuge to Cubans, even if not from Cuba 

Yepe on the Two Americas 

Ali Rodriguez at July 26, 2010 

MH: Castro predicts release of the five spies 

Fidel: "We Should Try to be a Little Bit Better Each Day" 

AP - Massachusetts humor contest 

World Breastfeeding Week 

Cuba outlines strategy for "spy swap" with the U.S. 

Silence and Homophobia: Twin Evils of Our Times 

FARC leader asks Santos to open a dialogue 

Cuba is prepared to plunge into a sea of oil 

Manuel Yepe: These are times for unity 

Lolita Lebron at CubaDebate 

Relatives of pilots ask Obama to not release Cuban spy 

Who will save the USAID? 

Elian Gonzalez interview, August 2010 

Challenge in Los Angeles 

Daniel Chavarria - on Obama 

Yepe: Global media dictatorship 

Carlos Lazo: Cub-Am Cong. lack of memory 

FC-La Jornada: death's doorstep 

FC-La Jornada - on Mexico 

FC-La Jornada - I'm to blame about gays 

Tourism for millionaires, income for millions 

Granma on Koran burning 2010 

Cuba opposed Palestine partition at UN 1947   

CubaDebate on Irwin Silber's death 

Andres Gomez on the Tea Party 

Yepe: 9 years after the conundrum of 9/11 

Proclamation of the CTC (500,000) 

State Dept. RFP 06-28-2010  

Cuban men make history 

ICAP brigade against media terrorism

Yepe on capitalism they want to impose on Cuba 

Yepe on Honduras 

Self-employment: much more than an alternative 

Savings begins at home 

FBI raids protested in Los Angeles 


Yepe - Israeli conscientious objectors 

Netanyahu: FC deeply understands Jewish history 

Farinas calls Mapuche protesters terrorists 

Tony Curtis, one of the last 

Yepe on Ecuador 

Yepe: Internal War in the United States 

Alarcon on the 1940 Cuban constitution 

Ravsberg on the "Chaos Theory" 

Correa has proof of who was behind coup 

Yepe: Another big lie against Cuba exposed 

Not all Chilean miners were saved 

Camilla Harnecker-Piniero - risks 

AP + EFE have Cuban FM appear mute 

Armando Hart on the 1940 constitution 

Jewish and democratic state? 

Not all the Chilean miners were saved 

Obama says US democracy threatened by foreign $$ 

Chilean miners protest to company 

Esteban Morales: Race and Republic 

Yepe on Operation Pedro Pan 

Nelson Mandela on Fidel Castro 

Rebelion: The Cuban Model 

Obesity affects 43% of Cuba 

Yepe: Coup promotors getting weaker 

Esteban Morales: Metaphors of Color 

Nestor Garcia: Thanks, Mr. Obama 

PL: Cuban Promo at Tourist Fair in China 

MINREX: Blockade or Embargo? 

Flexibility in renting homes, rooms and spaces 

Yepe on  Wikileaks 

Yepe on warmongering in the Nobel Committee 

Fresh from Cubaleaks 

CubaLeaks sent me this 

A mandate-oriented or profit-making Cuban economy? 

Yepe: Cuba actualizes its economic model 

NYT editorial on Malcolm X's death 

UNEAC Tribute to Antonio Maceo 

NYT editorial on Malcolm X's death 

Wikileaks and Yoani Sanchez 

Dos realidades como caras de una moneda 

Yoani Sanchez - no work, big pay 


Enrique Molina: “Life gets you back on your feet” 

La Jornada on Gerardo's appeal 

Wikileaks and out-of-context history 

Nestor Garcia: Western Union and its 10% 

Defending Cuba's monetary soverignty 

Walter Lippmann's first Cuba trip - 1956 

Esteban M. Obama vs. Cuba, $ y counter-rev 

Kennedy Clan blocks access to Cuba documents 

Yepe on Arizona and the Tea Party 

SS - couples 

Yepe = esperanazas 

Yepe - Merida memo on OFAC amendments, 2011

Re: Amendments to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations – January 28, 2011  

Mariela Castro RT Interview

Water Waste 

GRANMA: Cubana corruption trial sentences

Afro-descendents in the labor movement 

Yepe: US wars against the weak 

Electrical fraud in Matanzas

China: The other socialism (60th Anniversary) 

Armando Hart: Rafael Garcia Barcena

Yepe: Peru under Ollanta joins dissidents 

Questions from Color Cubano

Pope's Libya rep denounces NATO bombings

Ambrosio Fornet profile 

Leonardo Padura: Cuba deserves to live better 

Nestor Garcia Iturbe on Operation Paperclip

Potatoes: Reduction only in size

Questions from Color Cubano

Paquito on UNHRC vote for gay rights

Mariela Castro: Speech at Anti-Homophobia Day

Yepe on US mayors against Libya bombing.

Esteban M. on blacks and mestizos in Cuba

Esteban M: current Cuba-US confrontation

Ernesto Gonzalez: Conga Habanera

CENESEX social networks recall Stonewall

Sanchez-Parodi: The Audacity of a Revolution 

Why is there a Cuban day against homophobia?

Is Facebook spying on us?

Esteban Morales announced he's back in PCC 

Yepe: Origins of a long conflict

Orlando Tamayo's mom's money running out

Uniform informality? 

Sex: planned or spontaneous?

Andres Gomez

Granma report on Council of Ministers July  2011 

Religious tourism: New modality?

Yepe: Human Rights Watch condemns DC

Cuba, Fidel, Che hated by Norway bomber 

Amy Winehouse on CubaDebate

Socialism and the Market, a book to reckon with

Only in Norway?

Israeli spies pampered in the United States

JR: Freedom of the press

Taladrid: Dalai Lama, Limerick and a server 

1997 seminar on gays in Cuba

NDI supporting democracy in Cuba

Giant Daiquiri 

Cuba favors Palestinian state in Middle East

Chavez advocates gay inclusion

Yepe on Norway FIX NEEDED 

The shame of the US Congress

Cuban presence at Chinese language competition

Suburban agriculture

Pay Pal vs. Cuba in Germany 

Bacardi to sell its stuff under Havana Club in US

Juana on Watergate

Granma letters to the editor, August 5, 2011 

Nestor G: Alan Gross abandoned by the US

Prostitution subsidizes LA gangs - La Opinion

Allard on prostitution in LA.

Peña Diferente announcements - 7-8/2011

Yepe on Greece: Victim of Capitalism

CENESEX showing Under the Same Roof

300,000 indignant Israelies march vs. govt.

La Habana no es lugar para turistas (I)

La Habana no es lugar para turistas (II)

La Habana no es lugar para turistas (III)

Revertir el deterioro de los suelos

300,000 indignant Israelies march vs. govt.

Israel: Jewish and Democratic?

Yepe on children's summer visits

British look to block access to social networks

Marta Rojas: Fidel reads in all times and places

Pablo Armando Fernandez on Fidel at 85


Pablo Milanes El Nuevo Herald interview

Daniel Chavarria on Fidel at 85

La prensa, la política y "la primera boda gay"

Isabel Allende cancels Chile tour, backs students

Identity of girl in Elvis photo unveiled

Yepe: Cuban annexationism in the US Congress

Minjus last word on gay marriage

Nelson on Julieta Carrera

Yepe: The spirit of resistance lives

Cristina: Second term could be third

Allard on terrorists living in the USA

Ten years of social inclusion for Trans

Irrelevance of sovereignty

Message from TransCuba founder

Edmundo Garcia on Pablo Milanes in Miami

KAOS comment on Pablo Milanes in Miami

Iroel Sanchez on Pablo Milanes in Miami

Yepe: How Cuba could help ease the US crisis

JR: The ice-cream camel

Milanes: Freedom, democracy, racism

Pablo Milanes: Sorry for the Singer

Pablo Milanes: Open letter to Edmundo Garcia

Edmundo Garcia: Necessary reply to Milanes

Pablo Milanes: Open Letter to Edmungo Garcia

It has not been easy Pablo, but we go on

Alarcon eradicate racism AFP

Alarcon: Cubans enormous debt to Aponte

"Cuban dictatorship" video proves the opposite

PL note on Racism issue at PCC Conference

Yepe: Cuba has already suffered capitalism

Gregory Milanes or Pablo Samsa?

Single party is Legacy of Jose Marti

Diversity poster competition - La Jiribilla

Caridad Diego: Religious Beliefs - Political Options

Yepe on Pentagon's new war on China

Wikileaks and US LGBT project in Cuba

Spanish Radio talks to Yoani Sanchez

Edmundo Garcia interview

Yepe: What the world is coming to

Padura receives Cuban literary criticism prize

Havana church stories deflated

Lamrani: Cuban economic model (Spanish)

Lamrani: Cuban economic model (English)

Silvio Rodriguez interview in Trabajadores

Yepe: Cuba's distinct road

Walterio Carbonell

Granma letters 10-07-2011

Yepe: Cuban neither paradise nor an exception

Navarre U. gives Yoani $50,000 HR award

Yepe on corporate-government fusion in USA

Alarcon on Obama's distancing from Bush

Giving dignity to what deserves none?

Metrological dogmatism

Granma letters to the editor, October 7, 2011

Familia distinguidísima

R. Perez Betancourt: Original and copy

Allard on US contractors against Cuba

Blossoms of indolence

Little traffic cops

Cristor Redentor

Auto transfers without doubts

The Economists's question

Robaina resurrected as a painter and entrepreneur


Subtle racial discrimination remains

Leuchesnring: Can you live in Havana on a penny?

Seeds of world revolution?

PCC opposes sex orientation discrimination

Yepe on Outraged Latinos in the USA

Occupy LA 10-15-2011 - Photos by Walter L.

Aurelio Alonso: Logros y reveses sociales

Ros-Lehtinen attacks La Colmenita

Edwardo del Llano criticizes official media

Diabetics: Making life sweeter

Esteban M. State and politics: complex duo

Salim Lamrani- Interview on new book

Nestor Garcia Iturbe on Kadafi's murderers

Salim Lamrani's State of Siege interview

Granma: Blockade not a bilateral issue

La Alborada: It's a Blockade, not an Embargo

Yepe on US mythology

La Jornada: Of Libya, Latin America and Cuba

Hillary Clinton's sadism about Kadafi

Yepe on Kadafi's assassination

RP Betancourt: Killing Gadafi videogame

Trabajo por cuenta propia, un año de

ampliación y flexibilización

Cuento Propista II- Our own paths

Granma profile of John Reed

Angel Guerra: Libya, LatAm, Argentina, Cuba

JR profile of Ricardo Darin

Allard: Desperately seeking housing in Miami

VOA - Clinton - Castro needs to go

Belafonte on Cuba

Esteban M. Social Sciences Challenges

RP Betancourt on Fair Game on Cuban TV

Housing sale news announced

Yepe: sowing storms

Nelson answers TIME's Tim Padgett

Leuchesnring: Husbands jailers

Devaluation of CUC in relation to the USD

Cultura y disciplina: claves para un urbanismo sostenible

Call to include gays in 2012 census

Mariela - Red Light District

Yopane Thiao on Salim's latest book

Salim Lamrani on Alan Gross

China Daily: HR record of the US in 2011

Marina: Apologies which kill

Berkeley Almost Five Decades Later

Yepe on Occupy Wall Street at its high point

Mission Milagro in Chile

Padura wins Roger Gallois prize

Padura: La última hora de Caridad Mercader

Semprun: Ramón Mercader

Trotsky's assassin dies in Cuba

I say no to violence against women

Foreign Investment in the New Cuban Econ. Model

Memoirs of development

Vulgarity in music

Yepe on Long-distance assassinations

Danielle Mitterand interview (April 2009)

Mandela on a visit to Cuba (1991)

Elizalde from Ciberwar to Ciberdefense

Ernest Hemingway in Noticias de Hoy, 1959

Robert Redford - cubadebate/el pais

Hemingway quote from Hoy 1959

Mariana Grajales - mother of Cuba

A Debt with Cuban transvestism

US Religiouiis Leader Visits ELAM

Yepe: What the indignados call Wall Street

Padura - Cafe Fuerte - Frustrated Utopia

Yepe: Who sways whom?

Padura: The Man Who Loved Prizes

JR: A "huge" challenge

Homeland and Faith

Fernando Rojas: Two Myths

Fernando Rojas: Why Lenin's Last Fight?

Yepe: The wars to come

Libia Miranda - User most important

Torres-Cuevas on Feliz Varela

Armando Hart on the Pope's visit

Ravsberg interviews Padura - 1

Ravsberg interviews Padura - 2

Ravsberg interviews Padura - 3

blank - room for more Padura

Casanova: Why does Cuba Resist

Yepe: Illusions as predictions

Padura: Is the Pope Coming?

JR on divorce alternative

Rivera thought revolution to the US

El Rincon and the St. Lazaro pilgrimage

Pablo Gonzales Casanova: Why Cuba Resists

Edmundo Garcia on Carlos Saladrigas

Lazaro Farinas: The non-existent "Exile"

Ozzie Guillén and Fascism in Miami

Edmundo Garcia on Carlos Saladrigas

Contract dishonesty

Quality must be planned for

Yepe: Sexual humiliation as tortuer in the USA

Happiness is in the Balance - Sexo Sentido

Sexo Sentido: Happiness is in the Balance

FARC Urges Summit to Address Regional Topics

CFK on nationalizing YPF

Leonardo Padura I

CFK on YPF nationalization

CFK on renationalizing YPF

Esther Perel: Control the body to control sexuality

JR: Happiness is in the balance - Esther Perel

Cafe Fuerte: US grants visa to Josefina Vidal

Esther Perel at Cenesex: Control our body

Max Lesnik interviews Salim Lamrani 4/2012

VOA: A Mother's Dream Fulfilled

USIS website: Cuban medical parole

Muscles of irresponsibility

Family and School: Meeting Half-way

To love is correct (Lesbians)

Escaping from Cuba to become US movie star

Obama at AIPAC - 2+2=5

Dark hands threaten more than Piedad Cordoba

Lazaro Farinas: Obama and Gay Marriage

Mariela: Socialism with discrimination inconceivable

Informar no es contrarrevolucionario

Estados Unidos: la piel que habito

Complot hitleriano-estadounidense

Dos directores, una preocupación

FM Heredia: 1212: Armed Protest, Racist Massacre

La Alborada - AP on Gross disappearing

Law and sexual orientation in the Caribbean

Granma: Buy green for ripe

LGBT + H at May Day 2012

For the United States, Judging Others Easier

Yepe: Promotors of democracy

JR: Houla Massacre - Manipulated story

Paquito on a homophobic book

GI: Homophobia is the disease we must cure

Cuban student artists on Occupy

Holguin against homophobia

Yepe: No news from Iceland

Problems and solutions of Cuba's banking system

Eros in the Crossroads

Lazaro Farinas: The Anti-Cubans of Miami

Amaury del Valle: The Great Virtual Blackout

Best hours to have six

The cost of what isn't sold

Yepe: Sweet US-Al-Queda disagreements

Napalm girl photo turns 40 today

CENESEX on Verde, Verde

Yepe: The Pacific according to Washington

Being a Father

Osviel Castro: Father and son JR

La Jornada on black holes in Cuban economy

GRANMA on Rodney King's death

First female Chinese astronaut launched

Factory production of solar heaters revived

Food Crisis in Cuba - Moringa, anyone?

Lazaro Farinas - Two "venerable" families

FARC wans real and tangible peace

Yepe - manipulation

Moringa Oleífera: The Tree of Life?

Yepe: Between concealment and manipulation

U.S. seeks to break technological censorship in Cuba

As violent as society itself

Best times of day to have sex


Funds for subversion in Cuba

CubaNet: Not everyone wants to eat Moringa

US funds for subversion in Cuba

The Clic Festival's AssoCIAtion of ideas

Over 495 acres of moringa sown in Camagüey

JR on cell phone addiction in the 21st century

Polyamory or bigamy

Hercules and Aprhodite

Cubadebate on Rodney King's death

Yepe on Che statue project in Ireland

FARC denies communiqué authorship

Lorenzo Gonzalo: Cholera in Miami (2012)

Yepe: tirades

The Plan against Cuba: authors, actors and costs

Tom Miller's Literary Havana - January 2013

Are those windmills? They could be giants!

Was there a Cuban national bourgeoisie?

Patearon a un niño palestino…

Somos Jovenes on Male Hegemony

Yepe: The Assassination Nation

Tomasito on Walterio Carbonell

Granma: Farewell to Arms (Colorado massacre)

Spanish former prostitutes back on the street

Yepe on Che's human nature

El Mundo: Spaniard driving Paya now in custody

Miguel Barnet on PIC centenary (2012)

Tomasito: Was Morua right?

JR: A fatty problem

JR: Erotism and sensibiliy (film festival)

Obama to control Internet in "emergency"

Batman premiere massacre

Palante cartoons on Cuban traffic

Reply to Gershman on Paya's accidental death

MININT report on Paya's traffic death

Can’t dissidents have traffic accidents?

Swede confirms Cuba's version of Paya death

JR on betty dodson


Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia

Granma on Gore Vidal

Yepe on national debt for imperial wars

La Jiribilla on Good-bye, Lenin

Japan: Nuclear Power - fall of a myth

Granma on stealing electricity

JG on Spaniard's driver's license for speeding

Spaniard Carromero was fined for speeding

La Jornada on Gore Vidal

Granma on Marilyn Monroe

Sex and the other Olympics

Gradual predominance of renewable energy

Gloomy history of bartiturates

Allard: Carromero suspended in 1999

La Jiribilla on Marilyn Monroe

UN asks US to stop biofuel production

The Real Welfare Scandal (1973)

The Militant on Mella 1931

Ridiculing the death of animals can not be funny

Lois Banner on Marilyn Monroe's politics

K.Wald: Una guerrillera electrónica de la verdad

An Olympic Gold for Cuban Television

The Cells - "Mothers of Cancer"

Cubacine/Tony Mazon: Marily, the myth

Yepe: War gives way to plunder

Cafe Fuerte on Ryan and the exiles

United States: Apocalypse Now?

Manuel Yepe on China, Vietnam and Cuba

Jose Altschuler on Galileo

Jose Altschuler on Einstein, Indispensible Radical

Integration pivotal to “fill the gaps”

Mysteries of Marilyn Monroe

MINBAS corruption sentenced Cubaniquel

Yepe Albion at lapdog of superpower (assange)

Anal sex between fantasy and stigma

Indigenous Colombians fight army and FARC

Piedad Cordoba: No kidnapped politicians

Granma on the death of painter Viredo

Rafael Hernandez: Letter to a youth who is leaving

Alarcon: A Challenge to journalism

Alarcon: A Challenge to journalism, Part II

Yepe: Why technowars fail

MINREX on Colombian peace process (9-4-2012)

Colombian ELN: The so-elusive peace we all want

Alarcon: Challenge to journalism, III

New Customs Regulations and Tariffs (9/2012)

Yepe: Yes, the problem is China

Lazaro Farinas on Voting in Miami-Dade

Alarcon on "The Plan"

Breaking the law in private work Trabajadores

About passport applications, extensions and renewals

Yepe on Weisbrot on Chavez re-election

Albuerne: Cuban Migration & US politics

Juana C. Martin on Russell Means & McGovern

Granma/Reuters Eric Hobsbawn obituary

Yepe: The Fool and the Road to Socialism

Menoyo's political testament (1965)

Confessions of Menoyo (1965)

Granma: Snow White and the Huntsman

Petrocasas beat Hurricane Sandy

Yepe on Romney advisor Dov Zakheim

JR: Sandy - Recovery Counts on Everybody

JR: alternatives after the hurricane

Granma letters - October 12, 2012

JR: Youth heroism in times of Sandy

JR: Dayami overfulfills (birth, age issues)

Maya, The First (Allende's nieta elected 2012)

Cuban view of Iranian "A Separation"

Eduardo Pimental: Prana, yoga, etc.

The "anti-Sandy" houses of San Pedrito

Letters to the Editor - Granma, Nov. 2, 2012

JR - Sexo Sentido - Across the mirror

Gaceta - travel changes - October 2012 

CubaCine on Marilyn Monroe

JR/Marina: Do PR's favor annexation?

Granma: Puerto Rico in favor of statehood

Trabajadores: Embargo or blockade

Cuban FM replies to US 11-2012

Transexual electa delegada a gobierno municipal

Transexual: a very distinctive candidate

Yepe: Obama's election a respite for US,world

Obama's tasks in his second term

Solar Panels multiply savings and energy

Granma letters - November 9, 2012

JR: What happened in Florida? 2012

Trabajadores: Corruption. Prosecutor not along

MMQ on Land as root of Colombian struggle.

Charles Darwin candidate in US


Granma two-pager on tax hikes

Gomez Barata - Separatism in the US?

Nelson Valdes: Cuban-Ams not conservative

"Black Gold" reappears

Catalonia - A new state in Europe?

Paquito on Radio Nederland

Graciela Chailloux on The Black Jacobins.

More granma on new tax stuff

Betancourt on Casablanca (the movie)

Orly Solomon brunch parties

JR on taxes

Granma: Palestinian ambassador interviewed

Granma: Sandy one month later (11-2012)

Yepe: New Communist Leader in China

Yepe: Alternatives to the Market in the US

More paquito on Adela's installation

Yepe: Secessionist movement in the US

Incomplete packages of tampons

Abuse of telephones

Orbe interviews FARC leader Ivan Marquez

Errol Flynn in Cuba

Sexo Sentido on Nosotras Dos

Padura warns of artistic deterioration

Yepe: How Cuba's Experience Can Help the US

Granma on prisoners' rights

New Celia Sanchez book

Yepe: Osama bin Laden's Open Grave

Review of Ali Rodriguez: Before We Forget

Interview with FARC Marco León Calarcá

Yepe on Saul Landau

Yepe: Cuba's route

Perez Betancourt: Avatar, the spectacle

Cubadebate on death of Patti Page

Esteban Morales on Obama , 2009

Cacareando y ¿sin respuesta?

Chailloux: Black Jacobins, Masters of Revolution

German Pinilla: A new Cuban policiaco

FARC: No alliances with criminal bands

United States: Congenital violence

Cuba's Response to UNHRC Arbitrary Detentions

Manuel E. Yepe: Wars and the Federal Reserve

Yepe: Who killed the US Amb. in Libya

Family "Secrets" and Cuenta Propista Work

FARC-EP: No ties to criminal bands

Yepe on people-to-people exchanges

Pablo Setafanoni on Cuba at 54

Gun control doesn't prevent violence

Migration manipulation from paradox to anachronism

Keys to the conflict in Mali

IPS on reggaeton

JR: Someone like Adele

Yepe: Ironies of the adjustment law against Cuba

Updated migration policy enters into full force

Homoerotism al duro

Holocaust Victims Remembered in Poland

Holocaust victims Remembered in Uruguay

Venezuela’s Armed Forces is no bourgeoisie

Hart: Nuestra America - Guia para h

Chuck Hagel: Committment to change?

Paquito on coming out for National Assembly

Yepe on Cuba as a tourism paradise for the US

Hugo Chavez: Message to CELAC January 2013

Break with verticalism

Railroad workers day January 28

Pay what you owe (1)

Pay what you own (2)

AThe free and prosperous country of Marti

Tuinucú used to be a reservoir

Granma on the death of NY Mayor Ed Koch

Amilcar Cabral: Visionary

Graphic on Cubans needing visas

La ilegalidad tiene quien la contenga

Senator Bob and the "visitadoras"

My life is all about Church and Revolution

Alarcon: Ours is a system copies from nobody

Ichikawa blog on Cuban elections 2013

Ichikawawa on Yoani on Honduras

Ana's Film - candor content

The power of the words "I love you"

Yepe: The Electoral Triumph of Cuban Women

Tuinucú used to be a reservoir

JR on Padura: A man on an island

JR: The power of the words "I love you"

Yepe on women's victory in Cuban elections

Andres Gomez on Econ Changes 2013

PL first report on Christopher Dorne

Cuba's Economic Rubicon

Personality comes first, then kissing

RP Betancourt - Oscars 2013

Gorbachev for normalization - 2003

Finally, Mississippi abolishes slavery (2013)

Yepe: Ecuador in the Heart of Latin America

Yepe on the Cuban Adjustment Act

Padura gratitude for literature award

Daniel Diaz Torres: director Pelicula de Ana

Granma: Obama promises and possibilities

Granma: under the mattress

Lamrani: 40 questions for Yoani

Garvey papers & Afro-Caribbean identity

Mother's milk

Mirta Yanez feminist

Alma Mater interviews youngest deputy

MICONS, Exigency and control

Yepe on Cuban Adjustment Act 2013

Granma on excuses for shutting up

Rebelion website on Francisco Aruca

Edmundo Garcia: Tribute to Francisco Aruca

Elizardo Sanchez: defender of assasins

Yepe: Chavez and the Empire's Predictions

Germán Piniella: Goodbye to Aruca

Cuba: ¿Iglesia católica versus Revolución?

JR- Mariela - Tabu of Diversity

JG Barata - Comprehensive Renewal

Leonardo Boff: Bergoglio was not complicit

Enrique LaColla on Pope Francis I

Bergoglio wasn't complicit

Una mujer osada

Stella Calloni on Bergoglio

Cliff Conner's Spanish-Wikipedia translated

La ternura se viste de olivo

Yepe: The revolution of disobedience

Cubadebate on Chinua Achebe

Andres Gomez on Yoani: Again the circus

Zuleica Romay: Books wil never be merchandise

Nelson Mandela speech in Cuba, July 26, 1991

Roberto Zurbano

Rashke on Cuba and the St. Louis

Yepe: Suspicion of Chavez assass. points north

Isaac Delgado Returns to sing in Cuba

JR para gustos, horarios (when to have sex)

El costo de lo que no vende

Silvia Castro: Wrong Organ, Wrong Language

For blacks, the revolution hasn't ended

Cliff Conner on George McJunkin

Esteban Morales on Roberto Zurbano

Feraudy on the NYT and blacks in Cuba

Yepe on Chavez and the Empire's Predictions

Yepe: Marx still lives and changes the world|

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Cuba

TEMAS magazine articles on racism

Marti Alliance press release April 2, 2013

Zurano's prologue to Fanon's Black Skin

The Revolution Against Racism

Zuleica Romay on the Zurbano debate

N Morejon says Zurbano not UNEAC exec

Declaration against violence against women

Una Opinion - from Silvio's blog

Excerpt from Barbara Ransby's Eslanda

Lessons learned from Cyprus’s bailout

Fidel opens educational complex 4-10-2013

Alfredo Prieto: NYT and Cuba

FM Heredia: Cuba, US and the World of Contracts

Nelson Valdes: The Zurbano Controversy

Jay-Z's Open Letter - full text

Victor Fowler on Zurbano, Aril 2013

Mella: Militancy and Heresies

Chavez: Golpe de Timón

Yepe: Racism against Beyonce, Cuba and the USA

Petition for  Beyonce and against travel ban

Yepe on Venezuela's inconvenient democracy

Cuba opens its prisons to the press

The “Google-ization” of the Internet

Roberto Zurbano responds April 14, 2013

A formula to grow old healthy a

Most likely I am black and didn't know it.

Nicolás Guillén interviews Paul Robeson

Ricardo Alarcon on Alfredo Guevara

Nelson on youth and classes on Cuba

Yepe on North Dakota

Is there religious freedom in Cuba?

Cuban prisons and the right to be useful

Roots of Roberto Chile's photography

Women in prison: punishment and salvation

Granma reviews Spielberg's "Lincoln" movie

A. Prieto: Beyonce, Jay-Z: perf

Yepe on Assata: Pandora's Box

Cuba's position on Palestine Partition 1947

Espacio Laical: Paths that separate, May 1013

Assata billboard 2013

Padura in Clarin: Trotsky in Cuba

Alfredo Prieto on Jay-Z's Open Letter

Mariela: “Home is love, respect and inclusion”

A look at the Cuban model of wellbeing

JR on mothers in uniform

JR on passports and carnets de identidad

Leonardo Padura Paging 12 interview

Reynaldo Gonzalez: delerious talk ways

Pagina 12 Padura interview


Yepe: Washington's double standards

Alfredo Prieto: The orishas and the market

Blocking the fun with a finger

JR interview former Honduran FM Rodas

Bonifacio Byrne Poem: Mi Bandera - My Flag

Ichikawa on dissidents abroad

Gab. Molina and the 3rd US Intervention

Full capacity production of solar panels

Granma reviews "Amour" movie

Yepe on Guatemala's conditional sovereignty

Molina: Washington's Third Intervention

Gross lawsuit dismissal 5-28-2013

Mujica on the Pope: A neighborhood friend

Spanish Zenit on Mujica and the Pope

Yepe: Today's Cuban migrants no longer elite

The passions of Tanmy Lopez Moreno

Mariela: Socialism cannot be homophobic

Paquite: Home run against homophobia

The legendary Hugo Blanco (Brecha)

La Jornada on Padura's Trotsky

Ernesto Gonzalez on Cine Club Diferente

Yepe on still-open wounds of racism in US

JR on body-piercing

Granma on "Sorry, no change"

JR on Monsieur Lazhar

JR on Django Unchained

Yepe on Hemingway

JR on Sex and the Law (I)

JR on Sex and the Law (II) - Paternity in Conflict

Haiti, Toussaint, and what the US and France Owe

JR on the Innocence of the Rosenbergs (2013)

Yepe on the Rosenbergs (2013)

Granma on the Rosenberge 2013

Carlos Rafael Rodrigues re: The Revo (1966)

Paisaje edénico de la medicina tradicional

Rosenberg Memorial - 1999

Granma: Obama returns to Africa

Yepe: Brazil and he social revolution

US harbors Ecuadoran frauds & coupsters

Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring: Pesados

Gomez-Barata on Non-elective reforms in Cuba

Prensa Latina on gay marriage in the U.S.

Business of USIS is denying visas

Agee spied on Ecuador, then told all

Between Cheney and Snowden, who is the traitor?

Granma on school cheating scandal

Mau-Mau at the movies

MINREX on EU blocking Evo Morales's flight

Yepe on Bolivian plane: Inverted Colonialism

Maduro: Extradite Posada

JR: Egypt under military tutelage again

After Snowden, more espionage

USB Flash Drives: The more modern less reliable

Jose Marti on "The Deputy"

Safeguarding Alfredo Guevara's heritage assets

Gomez Barata on debts and balances

Menendez threatens any re: Snowden asylum

Non-Agricaultural co-ops; Efficiency Needed

Biden: Do as I say, not as I do

Yepe: Snowden and the empire in decay

Intolerable - Disposable diapers

Naked Bytes - Google knows all

Yepe on the libreta

Granma on transportation problems

Gomez Barata on debts and balances

Intolerable petty profiteering

Iran will have its own e-mail system

Gerardo on how he met Adriana

Communist militants forbidden to be homophobic

MINSAP replies to criticism

JR on school cheating

Alarcon: Moncada, Fidel & Power of Faith

Alarcon on Kimber's What Lies Across Water

Yepe: Trayvon Martin deserves a monument

Yepe on Terror in the terrorist nation

Cubadebate: ten years on the web

Domingo Amuchastegui: the real dissidents

Yepe: Illusions as prognostication (2012)

Trayvon Martin and racism's open wound

Declaration of Caracas, 2013

Idalberto Ferrera, Cuban Trotskyist

Yepe on School of the Americas

Ernest Mandel and Cuba
Cubans may apply for multiple visit visas

Toussaint: Cuban Trotskyists 1930-1959

Strawberry and Chocolate Summer

US silence on Egyptian coup

US=Cuba Guantanamo treaties

More citizen participation

Chibas's wake-up call.

Egypt: The madness of an army

Eduardo Chiba: his final speech

US hands and the Egyptian military

The Militant: Rising Against Cuba Dictator Aborts

Terror in Cuba - Workers Defense League 1936

JR: USA: Big Brother is Watching You

Alfredo Prieto on More Doctors to Brazil

Juana CM: one foot in front of the other

MKL unfinished dreams

Juana 50 dream

Marina Colombia agua al cuello

Bob Dylan's Rematch

State-run enterprises: who pays the fines?

Homeopathic remedy vs. cholera in Granma

Yepe: Collateral damage and drones

Yepe: Lies and Fakery as Imperialist Weapons

Yepe: Yellow ribbons for justice Cuban Five

Yepe on Saul Landau

Sanchez-Parodi: Change in US-Cuba policy?

Paquito on Saul in Paquito's home

Paquito on Mariela and the new labor law

Cuban Five trial transcript - 1

Cuban Five trial Transcript - 2

Yeope - Free the Five

Yepe: Rich cheat more than the poor

RoberticoCarcass  sanction lifted

Net users want longer hours

Fair compensation for athletes

Tramites pain in the ass

Yepe on Syrian Chemical weapons fraut

Marina Menendez on the FMLN going for more

Carlos Ugalde: Special Presentation

La hora de los repasos

Cuba lets athletes play abroad, media silent

Cuban DNA is all "races"

Cuban report to UN on US blockade, 2013

Yepe: another defeat for the US blockade

Yepe: General Giap's Reasons

Saul Landau tribute

Hondoras femal president: Xiomara Zelaya

JR on Shirley Temple

Yepe on Puerto Rico and Cuba: two wings

Yoani Sanchez on Padura's Trotsky novel

JR on media manipulation in Venezuela

Sports violence on the Mesa Redonda

Max Lesnik: Questions about Venezuela

Corruption doesn't come in via parachutes.

Pedestrians killed in traffic accidents

Rafael Hernandez on Padura

Fernando responds to Cuban bloggers pre-release

Granma on sports violence

Padura interview Cartas desde Cuba

My Marx between real salary and nostalgia

Maduro threatens golpistas with radicalization

A. Alonso: Want to buy a car?

Yepe: Americans favoring links with Cuba

Yepe/Parmly: Returning Guantanamo to Cuba

Granma on PMS

Yepe: three wars

Yepe: Political terminology

Yepe: US travelers change views on Cuba

Alina Pereira: Blessed Precocity

Yepe: Exhaustion of the American Dream

The Mask Behind the Counter

Yepe: Dangers of Fracking

JR on 12 Years a Slave

CubaDebate on Sharon Stone

Alarcon: My grandson and the Thirteen's Protest

Deceptions of M.S. Word

Yepe on Lat. Am as a Zone of Peace

Yepe on the future of Cuba

Christina Aguilera

Yepe on the Exhaustion of the American Dream

Yepe on Mariel Development and Cuba's future

Indiscipline or?

Yepe: Washington's Three Simultaneous Wars

Sexo Sentido: Feminist and Good!

Yepe: Two Wings of the Same Bird

Yepe: From Manifest Destiny to CELAC

Yepe: Climate Change not in the future

Yepe: Washington's Manual for Genocide

Sanchez-Parodi: Time to end the blockade also a.

Vaccines against overweight?

Yepe: Obama Spoke About Miami.

Non-Agricultural Coops doing well

Barnet: Culture as the Compass

Yepe: The Worst of Judges

Yepe: Error confirms USAID interference

Tax payment or tax evasion?

Yepe: Mandela a consistent revolutionary

Exercise for the older adult

Yepe: Betting on Cuba's Future

Cañoneros viscerales

The battle of the sexes

FARC-EP deplores Bogota mayor's removal

Armando Hart on Deutscher's Stalin biography

Yepe in the FMLN's 2004 election victory

Fighting fish poaching

Colombus cemetary regains its spendor

Yepe: A Gov't of the Rich, Democrat or GOP

Yepe on who blew up the Maine?

MININT on murderer who was caught

Yepe on fears and hopes in Miami and Madrid

Yepe: dismantling the US imperialist state

Play: Keep your children away from alcohol

Traffic accident rate declines in Artemisa

Ariesky, a young Cuban bonded with the land

Bustelo on Fidel's transcript of 2002 call to Chavez

The dirty flight of a hummingbird

Yepe on ZunZuneo

Nelson on ZunZuneo

Yepe on the center-left's triumph in costa rica

Subversion Beyond ZunZuneo, Part One

Subversion Beyond ZunZuneo, Part Two

Yepe: Washington's other foreign policy

Yuri: in the trap of Zunzuneo

Ubieta Gomez: Ted Henken's False Map

Yepe: As if the cold war had not ended

Yepe on the politics of hate

Yepe on talent theft from Cuban sports

Yepe: Washington's other foreign policy

Yepe: Beyond the blockade of Cuba

Perez Betancourt on Kim Novak

Yoani, Raices etc. in Miami, 2009 press release

Nelson Valdes on Saul Landau

Yepe: American Dream

Yepe: Visitors from the United States in Cuba

Yoani to be awaded for Zunzneo

MINREX rejects terrorist designation 2014

Yepe: Costa Rica confirms leftward trend

Granma obituary to Bob Hoskins

Padura interview in La  Nacion 2014

Palin and gun rights and kids

Respect for Diversity in Latin America, Carib

Anti-homophobia: opening minds, new roads

Atilio Boron on Padura in Argentina

Yepe on imperialist stratage in LA y Caribe

Cuban aid project with Ecuadoran water

Crisis in the Cuban soap operat

Taxes in Mariel

Yepe: Hegemony from the end of the world?

Blessed Mother

Mother by Nature

Alarcon: Until When?

Learning from Charlie Crist 


Almeyra: Cuba and the dangerous Chineses Road

Mujica asks Obama for the Cubans

Wolf of Wall Street - Sick System

Wolf of Wall Street Perez Betancourt

Cuba: ¿Crímenes de odio?

Epifania del Cuerpo

Juana Carrasco M. on US as an oligarchy

Yepe on Hayden and US-Cuban relations

Nestor G. Iturbe: A complicated agenda

J C. Martin on mistreatment of US veterans

Yepe: The Unforgiveable Revolution

Alarcón: Silenced

Alarcon: Gerardo's Innocence

Mariela: All revolutionaries are in conflict

Mesa Redonda on love, respect and inclusion

Math Exam for Havana U entrance to be repeated

Iroel: Ecored contributors

Manuel E. Yepe: New book announcement

Granma: Say NO to smoking

Gerardo and obsessions with a home run

Alzugaray on Yoani's Biden interview

Yepe on Union Down in the United States

Paquito's interview by Victor Hugo Robles

Math Exam for Havana U entrance exam

Mariela Castro on conflicted revolutionaries

Yepe: Guantanamo won't be eternal

Biden's Words...If he actually uttered them

Play Fair With Your Life - Don't Smoke!

Iroel Sanchez: Obama only listens to the Taliban

Gerardo's birthday 2014

Yepe on Captain American Fights at Home

Iroel: Heresy by Contract

Yepe: Arrogant gods

Rafael Hernandez: Political demography

Yepe: Spain at a crossroads

Angry Faces

JR interviews female traffic cop

School exam fraudsters arrested

Yepe: When an Empire Declines

Nestor G.I: Light at the end of the tunnel

Yepe on Snowden's Paper

Alfredo Guevara interview Letras Libres

El Duende: A. Guevara interview fabricated

ICAP on Fernando as ICAP VP

Yepe on Colombia: has the last ...fallen?

Sin condon, ni piensarlo!

Phone Fraud: Necessary responses

New carnet for transgenders

Yepe on JD Forward by Armstrong

Gabriel Molina on the Rosenbergs executions

Yepe on the 2014 Islamic offensive in Iraq

Yepe on William Worthy

A vaccine against alcoholism

Weights and measures at the agro

Pablo Gonzalez Casanova reply to Rockefeller

Salim interviews Eusebio Leal on Huff Post

Salim Lamrani interviews Miguel Barnet

A Night in Havana, I'd rather forget it.

Iroel Sanchez on Google's visit to Cuba, 2014

Yepe on Cuban sovereignty in the 21st Century

Alarcon on July 4 and American Exceptionalism

Yepe on Chelsea Manning

Granma on Google in Hava

Mujica on Fidel (July 2014

Google's Plans and Internet Access in Cuba

Yepe: Reforms and Changes Betrayed

Galeano: If I were Palestinian (July 2014)

LPI: Mauricio Vicent's Amnesia

Pagina 12: Marx in new Internet series

Ravsberg: Cuba now has its own YouTube

Menunje founder on gender identity exclusion

Edmundo Garcia on the Menendez scandals

Pogolotti on good living or cultural consumption

Iroel on Lopez-Levy who calls IS an ideologist

Yepe on Putin and LA move leftward

Granma on Nadine Gordimer

Granma on indiscipline in the water

Trabajadores on Fibromyalgia

Transgenders get new ID cards

Yepe: The worst-informed people on the planet

CubaSi on the weekly packet

Nadine Gordimer, Guerrilla of the imagination


Kcho and the Pope

China could save detroit

Nyliam in Shanhai 2014

Yepe on Ukraine: Pro-war manipulation or gambit?

Yepe: Macabre Circus in the Gaza Strip


Oswaldo Salas: A Cuban in Cooperstown

Frank Padron: Between Semiotics and the Bible

Gerardo's Bats: No one strikes out here.

Yepe: Surprises for Washington

Oswaldo Salas: A Cuban in Cooperstown yes

Yepe: Solving the Crisis of Capitalism

Granma US used  LatAm Youths in Cuba

JGA on Ileana in Israel on eve of Gaza attack

Yepe on 9/11 and forgotten tortures

Galeano on Gaza

Faith and Revolution from Soy Cuba

Currency Unification urgent

Yepe on Israeli genocide in Gaza

Iroel Sanchez: Thanks for barking

Tienanmen + 20

JR on Robin Williams

Granma on Lauren Bacall

Yepe on Argentina and the "vulture funds"

Yepe on Ebola

JR World Female Orgasm Day

Jose Marti's final letter to Manuel Mercado

Yepe: Ferguson preview of worse things to come

Yepe on US goals in Iraq, 2014

Yepe: Washington's failed democracy for the world

Yepe: Thinking more of Africa than ebola

Yepe: 13 years of uncertainty about Sept. 11

Susana Aulet on Padura's "skipped-over gen."

The "skipped-over generation"

Agostino Neto: A Man, A People

Yepe on Richter's Five Capital Sins

JG on Yoani's $60K grant from Yahoo

Yepe on Dr. King's assassination

Scotland defines its independence today

Yepe: Peace advocates a minority in the USA s

Gerardo as a kid

Yepe ISIS and Al Qaeda are the same.

Cuba-Zimbabwe united against hegemony

Digital TV

Yepe: Tea Party and US Immigration Policy

Yepe: Latin America is with Dilma

Yepe: US to create community surveillance

China with the people in the lead

Cuban baseball players in MLB

Iroel on the perfume flap

Sanchez-Parodi US elections 10-3-2014

Tok trial results

Yepe: Washington pays for Hong Kong protests

Yepe on theft of baseball talent

Refuting myths about alcoholism

Sanchez-Parodi: Prologo Eleir-Esteban

Jews and Arabs marched for a Palestinian State

Exercise protecting the heart

Islamic State puts a knife at the throat of Islam

Perez Betancourt on the weekly packet.

Islamic State knife at throat of Islam

Perez Betancourt on the weekly package

Granma on paperwork - tramites

Saul Landau: Musings of a Self-Hating Jew

JR on NYT call to end US blockade

Cubadebate interview LeoGrande+Kornbluh

History Lessons for Obama

Yepe: ISIS and Al Qaeda are the same thing

Yepe: Obama accuses himself of terrorism

New Carne de identidad - 2014

Yepe on Brazil's second round 2014

Yepe on US and Ebola

A Cuban wins the Roberto Clemente award

Rebeca Bowman photos at Marti Memorial

Yepe: TripleVictor for Latin Am left 2014

Chronic Deafness of US Delegate

Gerardo's Mom: My son,I know it's you

Alarcon: NYT Breaks the Media Blockade

Yepe: World begins to de-dollarize

Yepe: Putin criticizes US erratic policies

CubaSi: A place to make love

Gerardo: What inspires a hero?

Mariela on persistent homophobia

Electrical Company service. How long?

Progress in Villa Clara Road Repairs

Esteban: Start of a Thaw?

Late mail delivery

Paying bills

Solar Panels

Exam Theft Verdicts


Yepe: Obama will take the fall (2014)

Yepe on the money trail in US elections

Nestor G responds to Mary O'G on doctors

Iroel: two stories for the NYT

Nestor G on NYT's underlying assumptions

Iroel: US-Cuba What Next?

Nestor on Thanksgiving

Yepe on third world wars

Yepe on the UN

Lázaro Fariñas: End to letters and words

World AIDS Day 2014

Yepe: 12/17/2014: Revolutionary reaffirmation

Yepe: Econ relations will come


Yepe: Struggle Continues After Victory


Yepe: Neither force nor seduction

Yepe: Confrontation will be w. different rules

JR: A New Berlin Wall (anti-racist)

Yepe: Washington's 21st Century Wars

Nestor G. Iturbe: What does Obama Want?

Yepe on Rene de la Nuez

Yepe on Assata

Fernando G. Bielsa: challenge of rel with US

JR on the Right to Grow Older

Ye;e: Fair Play Demanded in Sports

Riequet: Unskakeable Dignity

Sexuality prejudices in 21st Century

Child Abuse: When Innocence is injured


Acquired Helplessness

Cuban ball players can win in any league

A New Berlin - German racism vs. Muslims

Charlie Hebdo: Justification for new crusade?

Iturbe: on 1/21, we will ride again, Jacobson

Yepe: Beginning of an end of immoral policy

Charlie Hebdo: Pretext for New Crusade?

The "invisible" Cultural War

Iturbe: Diplo. Rel now, transition later

Iturbe: Cuba in transition

Iturbe: How to do US-Cuban Rel in 21st century

Yepe on US capitol terror plot thwarted.

MINREX: Cuba ready to discuss human rights

Yepe: Popular Uprising or Terrorism

Farrakhan: Modesty: not better than others

Nestor: Disastrous State of the Union

FEEM: New rules of the game

Somos Jovenes: Reading your partner

Yepe: Pros and Cons of Armed Struggle

Alarcon: Cuba in the American Imagination

Yepe: Truths about Gross coming out


Alarcon: Cuba and the US: A New Era?

Yepe: Slowly but surely.

Boron: Cuba and Internet. Who's blockading?

Fernando G. Bielsa: Solidarity and Firmness

Elier Ramirez on new US-Cuba relations stage

Gerardo awards at cartoon festival

Paquito on Sabrina, a normal trans woman

Sexo Sentido: Learning to Embrace

Paquito: My family not a painting; Granma's blunder

A. Roque: Open Letter to ANPP re: family law

Vestido de Novia

Yepe: Threat of Color Revolution over Greece

La Alborada: US phone tech = spyware

Vestido de noviallega a los cines cubanos

Gerardo on What Inspires a Hero?

Alarcón on Who Killed Che book Cuban intro

Juan Gualberto Gómez: delegate of The Delegate


Yepe: Peace as the Intelligent Option

Back to Top

J. Vidal: Blackade has not ended

"Fifty Shades of Grey" breaking records

Women in MININT

Yepe: Imperial Eagle vs. Venezuela

Granma: We the women

Yepe reviews Canada-Cuba solidarity book

Yepe: Corporate-Financier wars

Cinema must make room for thought

In Panama We Will Fight, says Abel Prieto

More initiative, please

Yepe: Washington won't divide Latin America

Egg thieves fined

Opciones: blow against Lat Am integration

Granma on Polish film "Ida"

Patti Smith

Esther Ciccone, 1919-2015

Planning: A Family Topic

Gerardo + Adriana at Radio Jaruco: free

Planning: A family topic

Condoms in her purse

Esteban M: Cuba, Vzla, same US policy

Atilio Boron on Obama's threats to Venezuela

Gerardo: Historic. Resp. Def. Venezuela

Yepe: capitalist takeover of US universities

Cubadebate on Anthony Ray Hinton

Yepe: Support for Cuba from within the US

Cuba "myths" shown to be reality

Valdes: Open letter to Galeano (2003)

Rafael H: Dissidents: allies or hindrance?

Elier Ramirez: A reply to Ravsberg

Guatemala congratulates Cuba re: the list

Nestor on the black lislt

Pres. Cristina in Panama, April 2015

Judith Malina dies

Galeano and Che

Silvio's Honest Opinion on Ravesberg, etc.

Yepe on US citizen's insecurity

Yepe: debate on human rights


Zif habituation

Mandel in Cuba

FC on Jesus Christ, the Revolutionary

Nadine Gordimer

Ileana Ambushed Obama in Panama

Cuba reply to UN on Alan Gross

Islamic State throws man from roof for being gay

Gerardo: No solidarity, no freedom

FRFI: I'm here to learn from the Revolution

Rafael Hernandez discusses Lou Perez, Jr.

Yepe: Paradox of US tourism in Cuba

Blockade is intact, Granma 2015

Nurturing Unity is the Fruit of Solidarity

JR: Focus E15: young mothers…. together


Barrio Journalism/Elaine Diaz: Hello World

US-Cuban LGBTI can help both countries

Yepe: If Baltimore weren't inside the US

CTC against homophobia

Nestor coming US revolution is underway

Yepe: Why Black Lives Matter

Yepe: US most backward country on HR

Granma on B.B. King's Death

Yepe on China-Russia alliance

Nestor on Jade Helm #15

Nestor: January 1961- May 2015

Love past glories to acquire new ones

Sexo Sentido Online Interview

Sexo Sentido Online Interview transcript

Nestor from 1961-2015

Yepe: Why someone web at Russian Parade

Lesbian elected to local government

Yepe on Oscar Romero beatification

Yepe on China-Russia alliance

Nestor: Cuba and its history, 1903-2015

Alarcon on Diasdado

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