Cars painted by Cuban artists 2002
Story from the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina
Photos by Walter Lippmann
(Both sides of the same vehicle) Artist's name unknown.
Photos taken on 23rd Street, outside the offices of the
Cubana de Avacion offices near the Malecon, May 2002

Any travelers to Cuba who find out the name of this
artist, please let me know. I'd like to add the name
of this artist to the page. Notice also that the Cuban  
equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles has
both a sense of humor and an intelligent attitude toward
yet another imaginitive touristic device.
Notice the UPC code, as well. Thanks!             

Havana, Aug 5 (PL) Several cars painted by Cuban artists are on the streets of Havana, Pinar del Rio, and the Varadero, Matanzas international beach resort as part of a program to educate people on fine arts.

The project was started by famous Cuban painters Roberto Fabelo, Zaida del Rio, Eduardo Roca "Choco", Manuel Lopez Oliva, Alexis Leiva "Kcho" and Max Delgado, commented National Fine Arts Council officials.

The cars exhibit the work of these artists who plan to include a bus and a train in their Art on Wheels Program whereby the general population will have access to an artistic expression often considered exclusive.

Cuban Traffic authorities granted special permission for these cars to circulate freely, despite a regulation stipulating that the color of a car must coincide with the one on its registration papers.


Photographs taken in Havana, May 22, 2002