Karen Lee Wald adds essential facts to the profiles
which the Miami Herald gave of the four terrorists
on August 27, 2004

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[See my notes in brackets re corrections of this. Keep in mind that this list would make these men both reprehensible to most decent human beings, but would make them heroes to some people in Miami....and DC....kw]

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(Take the time to read these profiles by the Miami Herald, a publication which sympathizes with their goal of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution. Even in this profile you can see why outrage has spread all over against the pardon of these for criminals by a lame duck president in Panama. Much is left out, but it's remarkable what nevertheless remains here...) ================================================

Posted on Fri, Aug. 27, 2004


Luis Posada Carriles, 76
Explosives expert, trained by the CIA in the 1960s. Accused in the 1976 mid-air bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 people. Tried in Venezuela, he was acquitted and escaped from jail in 1985 while awaiting a re-trial. He has denied any involvement in the bombing. Both Cuba and Venezuela asked for his extradition while he was jailed in Panama. He turned up in El Salvador after his prison escape, working with a group linked to White House aide Col. Oliver North that sent supplies to contra rebels fighting the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. He claimed and then denied responsibility for a string of terrorist bombings in Havana in 1997 that killed an Italian tourist and wounded more than a dozen others. [He claimed credit in a long taped interview for the NY Times, in which he also said he got the money for it from the Cuban American National Foundation --Mas Canosa et.al. Apparently CANF was not pleased at this disclosure, so he subsequently backpedaled, said he had just made that up. But his denial wasn't too convincing, since he was really proud of what he had done. kw] He served in the security forces of anticommunist governments in Guatemala and Venezuela and survived a 1990 murder attempt in Guatemala City.

Gaspar Jiménez, 69
A former Miami chauffeur, served six years in a Mexican prison for the attempted kidnapping of Cuban diplomat Daniel Ferrer and the death* of a man accompanying him -- described as either a bodyguard or a fishing expert -- in Mérida, Mexico in 1976. He escaped from prison and returned to the United States. He was also indicted -- though the charges were later dismissed -- for the 1976 bombing that blew off the legs of Miami radio personality Emilio Milián. [*Notice that when someone tried to give Posada his due, that was called a "murder" attempt. But when Gaspar Jimenez shot and killed a Cuban "bodyguard or fishing expert", the MH doesn't tell us he served a prison term for "murdering" the man, but softpedals it as "the death of....]

Pedro Remón, 59
A former Miami truck salesman, he was sentenced to 10 years in U.S. federal prison in 1986 after pleading guilty to the 1980 attempted murder*of a former Cuban diplomat at the United Nations, Félix García Rodríguez, He was also linked to an attempted bombing of Cuba's U.N. Mission in 1979. [They actually got this one wrong: he ATTEMPTED to murder Raul Roa Kouri, then Cuban ambassador to the UN. He DID kill Felix Garcia, who was a lower level employee of the Cuban Mission to the UN.]

Guillermo Novo, 61
A former radio advertising salesman in New Jersey who later moved to Miami, he was convicted of perjury in the 1976 car-bombing murder of former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier* and an American aide in Washington, D.C. The verdict was overturned on appeal, and he was acquitted in a second trial. He was arrested in a 1964 bazooka attack on the U.N. headquarters during a speech by Ernesto ''Ché'' Guevara, but the charges were later dropped. [*The Novo brothers were actually part of the team that planned and carried out the gruesome car-bomb murder of Letelier and Moffitt. The government let him off on technicalities. See Saul Landau's and other books on the subject....] SOURCE: Herald archives