Articles on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath

Cuba's offered of help after Hurricane Katrina:

John Maxwell: No Way Out?

Peter Bourne, MD: Cuba Can Teach the US about Hurricane Relief (9-26-5-2005

United Nations report on Hurricane Rita in Cuba (9-22-2005) 

Bill Press: Charles Darwin Was Wrong 

Katrina shines spotlight on realities for Black people in the United States

Investor's Business Daily argues against Cuban offer of medical help:

From the website of Florida Senator Mel Martinez
Listen to Spanish commentary on September 9, 2005
Comment by Cuban-American scholar Marifeli Perez-Stable

Katrina shines spotlight on realities or Black people in the U.S.

Katrina: hurricane winds still blowing
• According to Bush, there’s plenty of time for blame

Cuban doctors say politics block Katrina aid offer

Call for independent inquiry into belated reaction by authorities (Granma) (9-8-2005)

Doctors Urge U.S. To Accept Cuba's Offer to send

disaster-trained doctors to stop Katrina Epidemics

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Cuba's storm preparedness

seen as essential to national security, economy

St. Petersburg Times: Can we learn from Cuba's lesson? 

U.S. mum on Cuba offer for Katrina relief (AP)

Katrina aide from Cuba? No thanks, says U.S. (MSNBC)

Katrina - A preventable social disaster

Cuba and the United States: Two Countries, Two Responses

What do Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 and the War On Iraq
by Elsy Fors (Prensa Latina, September 2005)

Those who couldn't or didn't want to leave were overwhelmingly black (Granma)

National Weather Service Warning before Katrina Struck: "Devastating damage expected"

Summary of reiterated offer

Fidel reiterates the offer two days latter after nearly 1600 volunteered to go (transcript)

Oxfam report on Cuba's disaster preparedness program
(68 page PDF)  

Katrina reveals some hard, unpleasant Truths (Michael Mayo, Sun-Sentinel, 9-2-2005)

Handy two-page leaflet in word format containing the
articles from the Sun-Sentinel and St. Petersburg Times
describing the Cuban approach in light of Hurricane Katrina.