Readers who appreciate the steady stream of translations from the Cuban media which are provided by the CubaNews list can help out in two ways. Those who are Spanish-speaking can of course help by volunteering to assist with that service. Even the best and most enthusiastic volunteers really cannot keep up with the volume of work which we need to bring this material to our large and growing audience.

Readers who've appreciated the materials by such Cuban writers as Celia Hart, or the commentaries by Juana Carrasco Martin, and the many Juventud Rebelde and etc. you can be certain that none of this material would have got to the English-speaking readership without the choice CubaNews list made to prioritize it. Historical figures such as Antonio Guiteras, Julio Antonio Mella, Carlos Balino and many more have all been brought out to the English-speaking audience through our project. When TEMAS magazine held a large public forum on the fall of socialism in Eastern Europe, CubaNews got the massive transcript and brought it out into English. Soon it's to be published in English in print. The Cuban intro to their edition of Malcolm X's autobiography is also available in English from CubaNews. Work on Cuban hip-hop, and introductions to new journals and people, all of these have started with CubaNews.

When prominent individuals including writers Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky went to Cuba to speak and to present their books, the detailed reports on their visits were first brought to you by the CubaNews list. New films? Personal interest stories? Women in non-traditional employment? Homosexuality in Cuban literature? HIV-AIDS prevention? Cartier-Bresson's visit to the island?

These and much more, from tattooing to motorcycling, etc. all been brought out to an international and an English- speaking audience through the CubaNews list. Many of the translations we've posted can be seen here: 

Since I don't ask for any financial help for myself, and never have, I've decided, however, to ask those of you among the readers who appreciate our service to help out in a tangible manner, by choosing to send money.

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