Unmasking the Promoters of Racial War in Cuba
Alberto N. Jones
September 18, 2007  

CubaNews translation by Joe Bryak. Edited by Walter Lippmann.

In the ceremony opening the school year 1963-64 of the Faculty of Agronomy and Animal Husbandry of the University of Havana, which took place in Quinta de los Molinos, Doctor Carlos Rafael Rodriguez gave a speech. He said that Cuba was a country anemic in natural resources, and that therefore the future of our country would depend on the massive development of the grey matter of its citizens.

Though all of us present in that solemn ceremony understood the message, it was not until many years later that we understood the magnitude, profundity and the validity of that proposition.

On reading the article, "The Racial Theme and anti-Cuban Subversion," written by Dr. Esteban Morales Dominguez, published in La Jiribilla, year VI, September 8-14 of 2007, one fully understands the breadth, vision and importance of that speech from forty-four years ago, without which Dr. Morales would not have been able to denounce and unmask a pack of paid blacks, whites and mestizos, living in the United States, Cuba and the rest of the world, who have joined together to promote the anti-Cuban activity commanded by the Department of State and the CIA, under the close supervision of US-AID, dummy foundations, schools in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, universities and delinquents of all kinds.

It was possibly in the decade of the '90s when the intelligence services of the United States detected an important demographic change in Cuba in favor of black people. This led them to intensify their efforts to detect, recruit and train black people opposed to the government who had the potential capacity for being formed into anti-Castro leaders, directed to this sector of Cuban society.

Since 1959 Miami has become the neurological center of Cuban counterrevolution. This city is also known for its virulent racism, segregation and abuse, which has ravaged the Afro-American community, and has brutally exploited immigrants from Central America. Suddenly, in the middle of that decade, an intense campaign was unveiled to place black people in positions of leadership or high visibility that arose in dozens of little counterrevolutionary and terrorist bands in the south of Florida.

This dramatical change of posture captured the attention of many, since for many years the late Agustin Tamargo and others openly accused the black people of Cuba of being the bulwark of support that kept the government in power. For this reason they openly came out in their editorials for a "Three Day License" in favor of "settling accounts" with those blacks when they would bring down the government.

Convinced of the impossibility of destroying the government of Cuba through mercenary invasions, the direct intervention of the United States government, the failure of systematic interference through its msssive means of communication or its fossilized blockade, they found a weak link inside Cuban society, consisting of the marked social inequality that affects and tends to harm tens of thousands of black people in Cuba.

One of the first decrees of the triumphant Revolution in 1959 was to abolish all forms of legal discrimination, opening the doors to government assistance in health, employment, recreation and especially education for hundreds of thousands of black men and women, which permitted us to have advanced more in forty years than in the previous 450 years of the existence of the country. This extraordinary social development created within the black community a code of silent loyalty toward the government in which any act of weakening [loyalty] or intent to leave the country was seen as an act of treason.

With the arrival of the Special Period, the dollarization of the economy, the formation of mixed enterprises corporations and the development of tourism, new manifestations of segregation and racism--which had supposedly been eradicated from the country--flourished.

The almost absolute lack of black family members and friends abroad who could help with remittances and a selective employment with the exclusion of black people in many aareas with access to convertible currency contributed decisively to crack moreal values in the heart of the black family, stimulating emigration, faciliting the appearance of hustling, tolerance of some manifestations of thievery and other expressions of social fragility. These merchants of the empire have tried to capitalize on this, making criminal use of their blackness to sow doubt, stimulate frustration, exacerbate the existing problems, at the same time sneakily promoting the option of surrender, changing course and accepting transition as the only viable solution for the present problems.

With that proposition, these little leaders, at the service of the Department of State, have formed in Cuba little groups identified with pompous titles, as labor unions, libraries or independent reporters, fanatically opposed to abortion, women dressed in white, fundamental religious proselitism, the promotion of violent electronic games and pornographic movies, all tending to weaken moral principles and social integrity.

During the last 15 years, we have seen how this repulsive project has been developing with impunity, pretending to represent academic studies, human rights, promot9ion of free enterprise of humanitarian activity. They regularly organize book fairs, film festivals, symposia; they possess radio and TV stations through which they incite and highlight the existing material shortages in Cuba and instigate intolerance and racial confrontation, looking to set the basis to relive the tragic massacre of 6,000 black people in Cuba in 1912.

Nevertheless, not far from their lair, be it in Liberty City in Miami, Cabrini Greens in Chicago, Parramore in Orlando, South-Central in Los Angeles, the Bronx in New York, Newark, New Jersey, Camden, Philadelphia, cities of the Caribbean, Africa and marginal neighborhoods in Europe, eaten up by massive drug addiction, hunger, prostitution and violence, they need ideas or solutions.

Understanding thte danger of their actions and the risks that our people are running, I have taken part in numerous seminars, conferences and meetings, published dozens of letters to the editor and in the internet, taken part in conversations in universities, with pacifist groups and religious congregations to refute their vile conduct.

Those entities alluded to by Dr. Morales and unmasked by him, they can not claim ignorance of the heart-rending history of black people on this continent. All brag of having traveled and undertaken deep studies all around the world, which lamentably seems to not have been sufficient to form a class consciousness and love of country.

Cuba, lamentably, has committed serious errors that have favored the work of divisionism and anti-Cuban undermining that these paid agents, dedicated to the destruction of our country, promote 24 hours a day.

To correct these errors, Cuba does not need anything similar to the Civil Rights laws of the United States, which have destroyed the family values of great sectors of the black family, undermined self-esteem, perverted the youth, strengthened the feeling of dependence and favored delinquency and drug addiction.

The black people of Cuba, who have reached an enviable educational/technical/scientific level superior to the majority of other populations of black people in the world, only need a leveling of the field as far as opportunities and competition. We should not ignore the double or triple effort that has been required to attain the gains and triumphs reached so far, since the starting line in this social marathon was always hundreds of yards behind that of the other competitors. To equalize the starting line and maintain the goal in the same place for all could be, perhaps, the greatest social triumph of the Revolution in the twenty-first century.

Some sociologists and scientists erroneously assumed that the 50,000 university students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean who have graduated in Cuba, or the tens of millions of people who have had access to medical clinics, surgery, births, orthopedics, rehabilitation, etc., or the tens of thousands of people who have been provided with potable water in the third world, or the eradication of endemic illnesses, or the tens of thousands of people saved during natural disasters, or the thousands of Cubans who shed their blood or gave their lives fighting against Apartheid and for the independence and sovereignty of numerous nations would constitute the moral armor capable of confronting and demolishing the infamous anti-Cuban propaganda barrage that has been spread around the world.

It is a grave error to underestimate their ability, their capacity to present and disseminate their lies in the furthest corners of the world, which are totally at the mercy of their simplistic, escapist, rose-colored programming.

In spite of this, Cuba introduced in the decade of the '70s, radical social laws in favor of women, mothers, wives, placing our country at the head of all the other countries of our hemisphere. Much recognition granted by international organizations confirms this social epic, known in Cuba as a revolution within the revolution.

This is why, whatever may have been her errors, mistakes or limitations, Cuba cannot fail or succumb!

If Cuba were to cease to exist, who would take care of the pain and aspirations of 225 millions of the sons and daughters of Africa and the 600 million mestizos, living in inhuman conditions, without hope, in our hemisphere?

What is there to say about the other third of humanity, devoured by hunger, illnesses, desolation, ignorance and death, confronted with powerful, uncaring governments, directly or indirectly responsible for these evils, always disposed to squander their resources on means of oppression and destruction.

The extraordinary contribution that Cuba has given to the social development of humanity does not have historical antecedence, nor is there any substitute for her. If the tremendous advance of Cuban women deserved to be described as a revolution inside the revolution, how would the world describe the project that begins to confronted and reverse the ills that afflict a third of humanity?

The magnitude and urgency of this calamity demands that each country and person concerned with the future of humanity gives a moral and material contribution, unite forces, coordinate actions and synchronize will power, with the purpose of ending this unjust and unnecessary social immolation.

Luckily, Cuba today can count on the support of other countries, which makes this massive process of social transformation a little more easy, agile and effective. In the same way, enormous potential resources cacpable of doubling or tripling the GNP of Cuba have remained latent, without being used; this could significantly carry this plan forward, greatly tightening the fraternal bonds between the nations of the third world.

In the hands of the leadership of the Cuban government, its people and hundreds of humanitarian and pacifist solidarity organizations throughout the world is the decision of uniting forces, material resources and coordinating the strategies that would promote taking greater, and better, advantage of the enormous abundance of existing technical/professional resources in the country, which would permit the creation of 500 pre-university schools for foreign students, 50 schools of medicine/odontology and another 50 faculties of science, humanities, technology, culture and sports, in order to thus begin a true process of eradicating the [backwardness] we have been dragging behind us for over 500 years and the human byproduct of a lack of principles that this has generated.

Rest in peace Dr. Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. Your message was heard and it is being dealt with!

Desenmascarando a los Promotores de la Guerra Racial en Cuba
Alberto N. Jones

Septiembre 18 del ano 2007

En el acto de inicio del curso escolar 1963-64 de la Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias de la Universidad de la Habana efectuado en la Quinta de los Molinos, al hacer uso de la palabra el Dr. Carlos Rafael Rodriguez expreso, que Cuba era un pais anemico en recursos naturales, por lo que el futuro de nuestro pais dependeria del masivo desarrollo de la materia gris de sus ciudadanos.

Aun cuando todos los presentes en ese acto solemne entendimos el mensaje, no fue hasta muchos anos despues, que captamos la magnitud, profundidad y la validez de ese planteamiento.

Al leer el articulo “El tema racial y la subversion anticubana” escrita por el Dr. Esteban Morales Dominguez, publicado en La Jiribilla, ano VI, Setiembre 8-14 del 2007, se capta en toda su extension, la vision e importancia de aquel discurso cuarenta y cuatro anos antes, sin el cual, el Dr. Morales no hubiera podido denunciar y desenmascarar a una jauria de negros, blancos y mestizos asalariados, residentes en los Estados Unidos, Cuba y el resto del mundo, que se han plegado y promueven la actividad anti-Cubana dirigida por el Departamento de Estado y la CIA, bajo la cuidadosa supervision del US-AID, fundaciones fantasmas, centros de estudios de Africa, America Latina y el Caribe, universidades y delincuentes de toda laya.

Podria haber sido en la decada de los 90, cuando los servicios de inteligencia de los Estados Unidos detectaron un cambio demografico importante en Cuba en favor de los negros, por lo que intensificaron sus esfuerzos por detectar, reclutar y entrenar a negros opuestos al gobierno con capacidades potenciales para ser formados como lideres anti-Castristas, dirigidos a este sector de la sociedad Cubana.

Miami a partir del ano 1959, se convirtio en el centro neuralgico de la contrarrevolucion Cubana. Esta ciudad es conocida ademas por su virulento racismo, segregacion y abuso, que ha diezmado a la comunidad Afro-Americana y ha explotado brutalmente a los emigrantes centro Americanos. Subitamente, a mediados de esa decada, se desata una intensa campana para situar a negros en cuantos cargos de direccion o de alta visibilidad que surgian en decenas de grupusculos contrarrevolucionarios y terroristas del sur de la Florida.

Este dramatico cambio de postura capto la atencion de muchos, ya que durante anos, el recien fallecido Agustin Tamargo y otros, acusaban abiertamente a los negros en Cuba, de ser la fuerza que sostenia al gobierno en el poder, por lo que ellos pidieron abiertamente en sus editoriales, Tres Dias de Licencia para ajustar cuentas con esos negros, cuando derrocaran al gobierno.

Convencidos de la imposibilidad de derrotar al gobierno de Cuba mediante invasiones mercenarias, la intervencion directa del gobierno de los Estados Unidos, el fracaso del diversionismo sistematico a traves de sus medios masivo comunicacion o su bloqueo fosilizado, encontraron un eslabon debil dentro de la sociedad Cubana, consistente en la marcada desigualdad social que afecta e intenta asolar a decenas de miles de negros en Cuba.

Uno de los primeros decretos de la Revolucion triunfante en el ano 1959, fue abolir todas las formas legales de discriminacion, abriendose las puertas de los centros asistenciales de salud, trabajo, recreacion y sobre todo educacion, para cientos de miles hombres y mujeres negros, lo que nos permitio al cabo de 40 anos, haber avanzado mas, que en los anteriores 450 anos de existencia del pais. Este extraordinario desarrollo social creo dentro de la comunidad negra, un codigo de lealtad silente hacia el gobierno, en el cual, cualquier acto de debilidad o intento de abandonar el pais, era visto como un acto de traicion.

Con el advenimiento del Periodo Especial, la dolarizacion de la economia, la formacion de empresas mixtas, corporaciones y el desarrollo del turismo, afloraron nuevamente manifestaciones de segregacion y racismo que se suponian erradicados del pais.

La falta casi absoluta de familiares y amigos negros en el exterior que pudieran ayudar con remesas y el empleo selectivo con la exclusion de negros en muchas areas con acceso a moneda convertible, contribuyo decisivamente a resquebrajar los valores morales dentro del seno de la familia negra, estimulando la emigracion, facilitando la aparicion del jineterismo, tolerancia de algunas manifestaciones de raterismo y otras expresiones de fragilidad social, sobre las que han tratado de capitalizar estos mercaderes del imperio, mediante el uso criminal de su negritud para sembrar la duda, estimular la frustracion, exacerbar los problemas existentes, a la vez que promueven en forma solapada, la opcion de rendirse, cambiar el curso y aceptar la transicion, como unica solucion viable de los problemas actuales.

Con ese proposito, estos lidercillos al servicio del Departamento de Estado, han formado en Cuba grupusculos identificados en forma pomposa, como sindicatos, bibliotecas o periodistas independientes, fanaticos en contra del aborto, mujeres vestidas de blanco, proselitismo religioso fundamentalistas, promocion de juegos electronicos deformantes y peliculas pornografica, tendientes todas a debilitar los principios morales y la integridad social.

Durante los ultimos 15 anos, hemos observado como este proyecto repulsivo se ha desarrollado con impunidad, simulando representar investigaciones academicas, derechos humanos, promocion de la libre empresa o actividad humanitaria. Organizan con regularidad ferias del libro, festival de cine, simposios, poseen emisoras de radio y TV a traves de los cuales, incitan y resaltan las deficiencias materiales existentes en Cuba e instigan la intolerancia y confrontacion racial, con miras a sentar las bases para re-editar la tragica masacre de 6000 negros en Cuba en el ano 1912.

Sin embargo, a poca distancia de sus guaridas, ya sea en Liberty City en Miami, Cabrina Greens en Chicago, Parramore en Orlando, Centro-Sur en Los Angeles, el Bronx en Nueva York, Newark, New Jersey, Camden, Filadelfia, pueblos del Caribe, Africa y barrios marginales de Europe, devorados por la masiva drogadiccion, hambruna, prostitucion y violencia, carecen de opinion o solucion.

Comprendiendo el peligro de sus acciones y los riesgos que se ciernen sobre nuestro pueblo, he participado en numerosos seminarios, conferencias y encuentros, publicado decenas de cartas al editor y en el internet, tomado parte en conversatorios en universidades, grupos pacifistas y congregaciones religiosas, para impugnar su vil conducta.

Los entes aludidos y desenmascarados por el Dr. Morales, no pueden alegar ignorancia ante la desgarradora historia del negro en este continente. Todos hacen gala de haber viajado y cursado altos estudios alrededor del mundo, lo que lamentablemente parece haber sido insuficiente para formar su conciencia de clase y amor patrio.

Cuba, lamentablemente ha cometido serios errores que han favorecido el trabajo de zapa, divisionista y anti-Cubano que estos asalariados, comprometidos con la destruccion de nuestro pais, promueven las 24 horas del dia.

Para corregir estos errores, Cuba no necesita nada similar a la Ley de Los Derechos Civiles de los Estados Unidos, que ha destruido los valores familiares de grandes sectores de la familia negra, acabado con la autoestima, pervertido a los jovenes, estimulado el sentido de dependencia y favorecido la delincuencia y la drogadiccion.

Los negros en Cuba, que han alcanzado un nivel educacional/tecnico/cientifico envidiable y superior a la mayoria de otros conglomerates de negros en el mundo, solo necesitan que se nivele el terreno de oportunidades y competencia. Los logros obtenidos y triunfos alcanzados hasta hoy, no debera ignorar el doble o triple esfuerzo que ello ha requerido, ya que el punto de partida en este maraton social, siempre estubo cientos de metros por detras de los demas competidores. Uniformar el punto de partida y mantener la meta en el mismo lugar para todos, pudiera ser quizas, el truinfo social mas grande de la Revolucion en el siglo XXI.

Algunos politologos y cientificos asumieron erroneamente, que los 50,000 estudiantes universitarios de Africa, Asia, America Latina y el Caribe que se han graduados en Cuba, o las decenas de millones de personas que han tenido acceso a consultorios medicos, cirugia, partos, ortopedia, rehabilitacion etc., o las decenas de miles personas que han sido provistos de agua potable en el tercer mundo, o la erradicacion de enfermedades endemicas, o las decenas de miles de personas salvados durante disastres naturales, o los miles de Cubanos que regaron su sangre o entregaron sus vidas luchando en contra de el Apartheid, por la independencia y soberania de numerosas naciones, constituiria la coraza moral capaz de enfrentar y demoler el infame barraje propagandistico anti-Cubano que han desplegado alrededor del mundo.

Error grave, al subestimar su habilidad, capacidad para presentar y diseminar sus mentiras en los lugares mas reconditos del mundo, que estan totalmente a merced de su programacion simplista, escapista, color rosa.

A pesar de esto, Cuba introdujo en la decado de los anos 60’s, radicales regulaciones sociales en favor de la mujer, la madre y esposa, situando a nuestro pais a la cabeza de todos los demas paises de nuestro hemisferio. Multiples reconocimientos otorgados por organismos internacionales confirman esta epopeya social, conocida en Cuba como una Revolucion dentro de la Revolucion.

Es por ello que, cualquiera que hayan podido ser los errores, fallas o limitaciones, Cuba no puede faltar o sucumbir!

Si Cuba dejara de existir, quien atenderia el dolor y las aspiraciones de 225 millones de hijos de Africa y los 600 millones de mestizos, viviendo en condiciones infrahumana, sin esperanzas en nuestro hemisferio.?

Que decir de la otra tercera parte de la humanidad, devorada por el hambre, enfermedades, desolacion, ignorancia y muerte, frente a poderosos gobiernos indolentes, responsables directo o indirecto de estos males, dispuestos siempre a derrochar sus recursos en medios de opresion y destruccion.

La extraordinaria contribucion que Cuba ha aportado al desarrollo social de la humanidad, no tiene antecedentes historicos, ni quien pudiera sustituirla. Si el enorme avance de la mujer en Cuba merecio ser descrita como Una Revolucion dentro de la Revolucion, como describira el mundo el proyecto que comience a enfrentar y revertir la desgracia que aflige a la tercera parte de la humanidad?

La magnitud y urgencia de esta calamidad, exije que cada uno de los paises y personas preocupadas con el futuro de la humanidad, aporten su contribucion moral y material, aunen fuerzas, coordinen acciones y sincronizen voluntades, a fin de detener esta injusta e innecesaria inmolacion social.

Por fortuna, Cuba puede contar hoy con el apoyo de otros paises, lo cual hace un tanto mas facil, agil y efectivo este masivo proceso de transformacion social. De igual manera, enormes recursos potenciales capaces de duplicar o triplicar el PNB de Cuba, han permanecido latente, sin explotar, que podrian complementar significativamente este plan, estrechando grandemente los vinculos fraternales entre las naciones del tercer mundo.

En manos de la direccion del gobierno de Cuba, su pueblo y cientos de organizaciones solidarias, humanitarias y pacifistas en todo el mundo esta la decision de aunar esfuerzos, unir los recursos materiales y coordinar las estrategias que propendan a un mayor y mejor aprovechamiento del enorme caudal de recursos tecnicos/profesionales existententes en el pais, lo que pudiera permitir la creacion de 500 pre-universitarios para estudiantes extranjeros, 50 escuelas de medicina/odontologia y otras 50 facultades de ciencia, humanidades, tecnologia, cultura y deportes, para asi, comenzar un proceso verdadero, real de erradicacion del lastre que arrastramos hace mas de 500 anos y el subproducto humano carente de principios que esto ha generado.

Descanse en paz Dr. Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. Su mensaje fue escuchado y se esta cumpliendo!